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LANY – Kiss

LANY by  Alessio Boni

LANY by Alessio Boni

Nashville-born and now Los Angeles-based, LANY are developing into a better and better band every time we hear them.

When discussing the meaning behind new track, ‘Kiss’, lead singer Paul Klein says. “This song is about liars. It’s about people who don’t have the balls to tell you the legitimate truth. They’ll water it down, beat around the bush, spin it whatever way they have to. They’re probably scared to tell you what really happened or how they really feel because they ‘love you.’ But they actually just love themselves.”

‘Kiss’ has been taken off their new EP, ‘Make Out’, to be released on 11 December via Polydor Records.

They are also opening for Elle Goulding during her UK tour in March. But remember, we saw them first!

Sounds like: Crozet, Pistol Shrimp, Brotherun, Goldroom, Scavenger Hunt, Still Corners, Paperwhite, Pawws, Sykes, Washed Out, New Navy, X Priest X, Roosevelt, Great Good Fine Ok, Lostboycrow, MOTHXR, X Ambassadors, Halsey, Tove Stryke, Twin Shadow

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Chelsea Effect – Good Enough

Chelsea Effect

Chelsea Effect

Chelsea Effect is a new band project founded by Canadian born artist, Emerald Isabella. The project is named after the effect the legendary Hotel Chelsea in New York City had on pop culture in the 1960’s.

The vocals on her debut single, ‘Good Enough’ reminds us of an early Ellie Goulding, but with a modern twist thanks to the wobbling electronic beats.

The track was co-written and produced by Bram Inscore (Beck, Troye Sivan, Twin Shadow) and mixed by Andrew Maury (RAC, Lewis Del Mar).

Sounds like: Monogem, Evvy, Ellie Goulding, REMMI, SP¡ON

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Ryan Egan – Between The Pages

Ryan Egan

Ryan Egan

Ryan Egan is a 26 year old NYC based artist, who is also one fourth of The Ugly Club.

Following on from the success of ‘Restoration’ is ‘Between The Pages’, Egan’s second track that he has worked on with producer, Luca Buccellati (Tei Shi).

It definitely has those Tei Shi urban vibes coupled with raw lyrics, further proving how well Egan and Buccellati work together to create a new slant on modern pop/RnB.

The upcoming debut EP ‘Postures’ is set for release in Autumn.

Sounds like: Ben Khan, Tei Shi, The Ugly Club, Twin Shadow, Jai Paul, JUNGLE, Shy Girls

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Xan Young – Passion

Xan Young

Xan Young

There is a new kid joining the electro-soul world, and he’s one that we are particularly excited about.

Xan Young, with similarities to Ben Khan, releases his debut track ‘Passion’. It is built on quivering synths and obscure percussion…and the simplicity is beautiful.

We expect his debut record, ‘The Flood’, to be released in August via Astro Nautico.

Sounds like: Ben Khan, Years & Years, Leo Kalyan, Twin Shadow, Jai Paul, JUNGLE, Disclosure, Prince, Blood Orange, Harts, Oyinda, Shy Girls, Harriet

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Ben Khan – Zenith

Ben Khan

Ben Khan

A year a go today, we wrote about rising Brit, Ben Khan.

Flash forward one year and hot on the footsteps of Ben’s recent release of ‘1000’, is his latest victory, ‘Zenith’.

A powerful three minute track full of claustrophobic sci-fi blues, wounded guitar squiggles, crunchy synths and a soulful cascading chorus hook.

Ben recently announced his first headline live dates in the UK and Europe with most of the shows quickly selling out. This is one artist in demand.

His new EP follows last years successful and acclaimed debut ‘1992 EP’ which introduced Ben’s inventive brand of swampy electronic R&B and funk, mangled blues soul, and icy hip-hop beats.

Sounds like: Leo Kalyan, Twin Shadow, Jai Paul, JUNGLE, Disclosure, Prince, Blood Orange, Harts, Oyinda, Shy Girls

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Ben Khan – 1000

Ben Khan - 1000

Ben Khan – 1000

Before we heard Ben Khan‘s new track, ‘1000’, we knew it would be good. And it hasn’t disappointed.

Perfection comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s a sporadic, feel good masterpiece and those vocals. Those. vocals.

Taken from a forthcoming EP of the same name, ‘1000’ will be released on 11 May via Ben’s imprint Blessed Vice and features four brand new tracks.

Sounds like: Leo Kalyan, Twin Shadow, Jai Paul, JUNGLE, Disclosure, Prince, Blood Orange, Harts, Oyinda, Shy Girls

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8th Grader – Sex Tongue

8th Grader

8th Grader

Wow, is it getting hot in here with the video for ‘Sex Tongue’ by 8th Grader (aka Jay Martinovich). But hold your horses a minute, as the video is purely tongue and cheek as 8th Grader explains below:

“This song/video is a narrative as well as a critique on idealized sexuality in the media. I wanted to show a juxtaposition of clichéd sexual norms alongside queer culture in San Francisco and America. I also just wanted to write a fun song to dance to in the style of Prince and the Tom Tom Club.”

Watch the video below.

Want to find out more, check 8th Grader’s soundcloud page. Just be careful of googling ‘8th grader sex tongue’.

Sounds like: Chromeo, PWNDTIAC, Meanwhile, That Girl With Dark Eyes, TJH87, Prince, Twin Shadow, Blood Orange, Disclosure

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Kidepo – Reds



Kidepo is a 23-year-old London singer/producer with Ugandan roots. He is currently residing in NYC.

His track ‘Reds’ follows a simple synth melody with bursts of electronica, but Kidepo’s voice remains the main instrument throughout the track.

We’re super excited about Kidepo.

Sounds like: Twin Shadow, Years & Years, Blood Orange, The Weeknd, Youth Lagoon, Sam Smith, Kwabs

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Ben Khan – Youth

Ben Khan

Ben Khan

We’ve been stalking this guy for a while and rightly so. Ben Khan likes to keep himself to himself and let his music take centre stage.

Torn between wanting to reach the ‘passive listeners’ (those of us who don’t go actively seeking for new sounds) and trying not to make music just for the cash, the elusive Mr Khan has clearly put a lot of thought into his sound. We understand that he has been working on his debut EP for 2 years now.

His latest track (taken from the ‘1992’ EP) is ‘Youth’. The sky soaring track is full of retro vibes and soulful vocals, but remains slightly less funky that its predecessors; ‘Eden’ and ‘Savage’.

We’re sorry Mr Khan, but we can already hear the cash counters tinging.

The highly anticipated ‘1992’ EP is out on 5 May 2014 via Ben Khan’s own Blessed Vice and is available for pre-order now.

Sounds like: Twin Shadow, Jai Paul, JUNGLE, Disclosure, Prince, Blood Orange, Soft As Snow, Gabriel

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Wild Beasts – Wanderlust

Wild Beasts

The new Wild Beasts track is a pure indietronica delight. With swimming synth pulsations, and a highly unusual tempo beat, ‘Wanderlust’ is full of poetic lyrics, poking fun at British bands singing in American accents. The tuneful choral background vocals add a layer of urgency, which is accompanied by a music video depicting four characters running against a stark, colourless backdrop while increasingly restrictive obstacles and weather gets in their way.

With the distinctive falsetto voice of Hayden Thorpe loved and hated by all, Wild Beasts’ songwriting abilities are unquestionably brilliant. Wanderlust is no exception. To book tickets for their upcoming EU/US/UK tour, go to their website.

Wanderlust is the first track off their third album ‘Present Tense‘, which is out on Domino on 24 February. Pre-order here.

Sounds like; Foals, Antony & the Johnsons, Twin Shadow, Dutch Uncles
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