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Yellerkin – Tools

Yellerkin by Jacob Wayler

Yellerkin by Jacob Wayler

Pro yellers and childhood friends, Adrian Galvin and Luca Buccellati, is Brooklyn-based folk electronic band Yellerkin.

There has been some seriously good music coming out of Brooklyn of late but there is a real rawness to Yellerkin’s new track ‘Tools’ that truly sets it apart. The pulsating track howls energy and emotion, and the changes in tempo at 2:30 and 3:00 is magic.

“Tools is a kind of anthemic generational song, but one that tows the line between triumph and tragedy” explains Adrian Galvin, who continues “This song is about our limitations; how fucked up it is that we are the generation that bought into all the crap our parents protested against in the 70’s!”

Watch the Nicolas Pesce directed video below:

Yellerkin released their self titled debut EP last year. The lead track on the EP, ‘Solar Laws’, is being offered as a free download via their Soundcloud page.

Sounds like: Sir Sly, Yeasayer, Local Natives, Freelance Whales, Jagwar Ma, Pistol Shrimp, Rise X Temper, Ghost Beach

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