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Not another Swedish synthpop songstress I hear you scream!

But there is something slightly different and magical about this one. RAINDEAR (aka Rebecca Bergcrantz) is more than another indie electro femme from Scandinavia .

Her new track ‘Veins’ frequently changes tempo and is highly disco in parts. Not your usual ethereal ballad.

She describes the track as being “about that kind of destructive love that you stick with ‘cause you love the rush, but you secretly know it’s bad for you. This is the addictive kind of love you can feel for a lover or for a friend or anything really and it’s of the kind that is almost warlike and comes from a very dark place.”

Have a listen to the WTNSS remix too:

Purchase ‘Veins’ on iTunes here.

Sounds like: Little Dragon, WTNSS, Ballet School, Kate Boy, Lykke Li, Phantogram, Santigold, SBTRKT, CSS

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Murphy N Weller – Gloria & Alien

Murphy n Weller

Murphy n Weller

Murphy N Weller is a Hispanic/American electronic solo project from Portland, Oregon that began in 2011.

Their sound has been described as Italo pop, synthpop, disco, and R&B soul.

New track ‘Gloria & Alien’ is taken from their upcoming ‘Soft Horror EP’.

Sounds like: Washed Out, Summer Heart

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LYON – Catch Me If I Fall

LYON - Catch Me If I Fall

LYON – Catch Me If I Fall

LYON is Canadian Lauren Malyon. In 2013, LYON signed to Canadian label, Black Box Recordings.

She is back with ‘Catch Me If I Fall’, which follows on from her contribution to Wolf Saga’s cover of The Strokes’ ‘You Only Live Once’.

The care-free video is directed by Sean McLeod and watches LYON perform over a catchy and synth-driven production.

Sounds like: Ellie Goulding, Dominique, Imperial Mammoth, Taylor Swift, NINA

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Palmedo – Cool Down

Palmedo - Cool Down

Palmedo – Cool Down

Ever since the first listen of ‘Secret Lover‘ we have had a crush on this Gainesville duo. So imagine our excitement when we heard they were back with a wintery track called ‘Cool Down’.

‘Cool Down’ is a percussive and synth-laden track, layered with soft vocals. It was created out of a paralleled sense of anxiety, as the duo embarked on a three-month residency in separate cities.

‘Cool Down’ has been produced in collaboration with David Plakon (X Priest X, Road Kill Ghost Choir, SASKATCHEWAN) at North Avenue Studios and is being released by Eye Four Records.

Sounds like: Monogem, Chvrches, Tycho, Haim, Broods, X Priest X

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Cosby – Heartracer

Cosby - Heartracer

Cosby – Heartracer

Time for some super dreamy 80’s inspired synth pop from up-and-coming Cosby.

Led by Richmond-based brothers Chris and Chip Cosby with Mike Levinson on drums/percussion, ‘Heartracer’ is the first single off their forthcoming record.

The boys describe the track as being about “that moment when we finally feel at ease with the realization that we are all, for better or worse, heading in the same direction on this big floating rock in space we call Earth.”

Having already opened for Future Islands and finished as a semi-finalist in last year’s International Songwriting Competition, Cosby is definitely one to watch!

Sounds like: Futurepop!, Chain Gang of 1974, Future Islands, The Killers, M83, St. Lucia, Two Door Cinema Club, Passion Pit, Ballet School, The Smiths, Suzuki Method, KAVINSKY

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LANY – Made In Hollywood

Lany - Made in Hollywood

Lany – Made in Hollywood

LANY is a synth pop band from Nashville.

Following on from the release of the ‘Acronyms EP’ and the success of their last track, ‘ILYSB’ being number one on Hype Machine, is the just-as-catchy ‘Made in Hollywood’.

Similar to previous tracks, the lyrics for ‘Made in Hollywood’ are what dream-ridden 80’s American films are made of. This is hazy indie pop at its best.

‘Made in Hollywood’ was self released on 2 September 2014 and can be purchased on iTunes here.

We’ve also included the cheeky Ferdinand Weber remix of ‘ILYSB’ below.

Sounds like: Crozet, Pistol Shrimp, Brotherun, Goldroom, Scavenger Hunt, Still Corners, Paperwhite, Pawws, Sykes, Washed Out, New Navy, X Priest X, Roosevelt

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Washed Out – Weightless

Washed out

Washed Out, AKA Ernest Greene, is a young guy from Georgia who makes bedroom synthpop with a dreamy, shoegaze feel.

His latest creation is ‘Weightless’, from his album, ‘Paracosm’, which is accompanied by one of the most stunning music videos you will ever see. Directed by David Altobelli (M83, Sia, Conor Oberst), the vid beautifully tells the story of unrequited love. Altobelli says of the video, “Unrequited love is a universal emotion. In this case, the emotions are heightened because there exists yet another wall between the protagonist and the object of his affection. It’s heartbreaking and inevitable, but it’s also just part of being a kid in love”.

Sounds like; M83, Still Corners, Maps, Crozet,
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Nina Yasmineh – Prophecy / Interview

Nina Yasmineh

Nina Yasmineh

Nina Yasmineh is a singer songwriter from NYC. She has just released her new single ‘Prophecy’ and we love it.

We caught up with Nina to chat music and discuss the cool story about where the title to her first EP came from:

Tell us a bit about yourself (where you grew up, when you first started singing/songwriting).

I grew up in Minnesota, near Minneapolis. I always loved to sing and I first started writing songs when I was about 12 years old. I also took piano and guitar lessons. In high school, I performed at local coffee shops and did open mic nights. I moved to NYC to attend New York University in 2009 and have been living here ever since.

Sum up your sound in 3 words.

Bittersweet, striking, seductive

Where do you cite your musical influences from?

I’ve always been a fan of pop music and the guilty pleasures of Top 40 so I think it’s fun to channel some of that, like with catchy hooks and synth lines. But I also grew up listening to more introspective and honest singer-songwriters and I definitely try to write my lyrics in that same vein.

Tell us a bit about your EP, ‘Seven Years’. Is there any hidden meaning behind the name?

The title ‘Seven Years’ was inspired by an experience I had a few years ago when I was still at NYU. A man in line in front of me at Starbucks, a seemingly average business man, turned around and said he could tell I was an artist by my hands. Then he asked me my birthday, did some calculating in his head and said that in seven years I would do something artistic that the world would consider truly great. It was like a bizarre prophecy (speaking of ‘Prophecy’…) and I found it really inspiring. It seemed like a fitting reference for that EP because it was the first time that I did all the recording and production myself and it was a big step for me artistically.

The energetic new track called ‘Prophecy’ is taken from your latest EP ‘Finest Hour’, and is causing quite a stir. Are you planning on releasing an album at some point?

At some point I probably will release an album but for now, since I’m doing everything myself, I’ll probably stick to releasing singles and small collections of songs.

We love discovering new music at Indietronica. What new music are you listening to at the moment?

Well most of these artists are newer but still pretty well-known at this point: lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Haim, Iggy Azalea, Tove Lo and Betty Who.

What is next for you? Are you planning a tour?

I’m going to be filming a music video for ‘Prophecy’ soon. I don’t know about a full tour but I will be performing around NYC this summer!

Have a watch of the video for the illustrious ‘Prophecy’ for some evening reconciliation.

The beautiful ‘Finest Hour’ EP can be purchased here.

Sounds like: Ladyhawke, Ellie Goulding, Austra, La Roux, Lorde, Tove Lo, Indiana, Madonna, Lady Gaga

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Crozet – Hold My Weight

Crozet by Justin Muir

Crozet by Justin Muir

Crozet are a multi-instrumental duo based in Philadelphia.

The Crozet boys, John Helmuth and Sean Lee, met during high school through mutual friends who were all in bands together at one time or another. Despite the boys starting off in hardcore bands, there was always a love for electronic music, especially 80’s electronica.

Some tracks just have it and ‘Hold My Weight’ is one of those (along with every single other one of Crozet’s compositions!). With layered synths and racing emotion that would give M83 a run for their money, ‘Hold My Weight’ is pure 80’s bliss.

Watch the official video below featuring footage from ‘The Breakfast Club’:

Word on the street – this is also a fab track to drive to.

The track is out via Synth Records and it has been included in Violent Success’s ‘RETRO FUTURE’ compilation.

Sounds like: M83, Washed Out, RAC, Teen Daze, BLSHS

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X Priest X – Dark Sun

X Priest X

X Priest X

X priest X is the project of vocalist Madeline Priest and producers Chandler Strang and David Kazyk. The trio have only been working together in Florida for 1 year.

Following on from the Grimes-influenced sound of their first demo track, ‘Samurai’, is the demo of ‘Dark Sun’; a dazzling ’80’s style synthpop and movie-worthy track.

And just because we love it, have a listen to ‘Samurai’ below:

It’s hard to believe that in the short space of 1 year, X Priest X have created 2 killer tracks, and they are only demos! We can’t wait to hear more!

Sounds like: BLSHS, The Human League, Chvrches, Zola Jesus, Sky Ferreira, Grimes, College

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