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Crozet – Hold My Weight

Crozet by Justin Muir

Crozet by Justin Muir

Crozet are a multi-instrumental duo based in Philadelphia.

The Crozet boys, John Helmuth and Sean Lee, met during high school through mutual friends who were all in bands together at one time or another. Despite the boys starting off in hardcore bands, there was always a love for electronic music, especially 80’s electronica.

Some tracks just have it and ‘Hold My Weight’ is one of those (along with every single other one of Crozet’s compositions!). With layered synths and racing emotion that would give M83 a run for their money, ‘Hold My Weight’ is pure 80’s bliss.

Watch the official video below featuring footage from ‘The Breakfast Club’:

Word on the street – this is also a fab track to drive to.

The track is out via Synth Records and it has been included in Violent Success’s ‘RETRO FUTURE’ compilation.

Sounds like: M83, Washed Out, RAC, Teen Daze, BLSHS

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BLSHS – Change



Now for some music from Houston, Texas.

BLSHS (pronounced ‘Blushes’) are a synth pop trio comprising of the beautiful Michelle Miears, Chris Gore and Rick Carruth.

Their latest track on Soundcloud is ‘Change’ and is one of the first songs they wrote together as a group. BLSHS have been working on this track since February 2013 and it shows.

Miears’s towering celtic-esq vocals are a far cry from the skyscrapers of Houston as she sings about a change for the better. We love the 80s vibe on this track, and who ever thought panpipes could be so cool?

‘Change’ has been included on the album, ‘RISING TIDΞS vol. 1‘. Every artist on the album had under 500 followers when svnsetwaves asked them to participate and there are some killer tracks on there.

‘Abstract Desires’ will be BLSHS’s first EP and is due out shortly on Synth Records. The first track taken from the EP is ‘Blushes’, and it will be included in the upcoming release of Violent Success’s ‘RETRO FUTURE’ compilation.

Sounds like: Ellie Goulding, La Roux, CHVRCHES, London Grammar

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