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Billy Vena – Body Is Love

billy vena body is love

Hailing from galaxies far far away, long lost dancer turned recording, artist Billy Vena lands to share his love of pop culture with the world through music.

The Panama native, now based in Texas, debuted with a series of intoxicating pieces of modern-pop gems, which have been immediately supported by both dsps and tastemakers.

With over 100k followers on Tik Tok and +10M streams on Spotify, he’s certainly a one to watch.

His brand-new single “Body Is Love” marks the beginning of a series of new releases. A timeless piece of retro-tinged pop which shows once again he has all the skills to become your next favorite pop star.

Speaking about the song, he explains: “I was inspired to write Body Is Love to sort of express how beautiful the people in my life are, and how much I wanted them to see themselves as such. In the simplest of forms, it’s me saying, I want you to love you, like I love you.


Billy Vena – Retro Religion

billy vena retro religion

Rising hitmaker Billy Vena has just dropped a scintillating brand-new single titled ‘Retro Religion‘.

A synth-pop banger, full of nostalgic textures and ultra sticky melodies.

Speaking about it, he explains: “‘Retro Religion” is about how no matter the amount of devotion I could possibly have for someone, it was never going to be enough for them to love me in the same way or in general.

The Panama native (now based in Converse – Texas) has spent the last few months showing his dance skills on Tik Tok (where he has now amassed +70k followers and duetted with Lil Nas X on the rapper’s own page). His fanbase is constantly growing and he’s now at +300k monthly listeners on Spotify only. Keep an eye on him !

Sounds like: Michael Jackson, The Weeknd,

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Billy Vena – Talking 2 Myself

billy vena talking to myself

Buzz artist Billy Vena has recently released a new bop titled ‘Talking 2 Myself‘.

If his previous single ‘Disco Maniac‘ was full of late 70s vibes, this new one taps into 80s nostalgia.

It’s a bittersweet tune which immediately grabs your attention. Contagious and accessible, but still highly recognizable. Billy’s vocal is really one of a kind and that sax finale is the cherry on top of an extremely strong pop song.

In Billy’s own words: “‘Talking to Myself’ is about convincing yourself someone you’re in love with also feels the same when they really don’t. This in turn means you’ve been talking to yourself the whole time

Sounds like: Bee Gees, Pharell Williams, Justin Timberlake

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