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Flor – Warm Blood

FLOR by Jade Ehlers

FLOR by Jade Ehlers

The beautiful FLOR is the musical brain child of several writer / producers, originally from Oregon but now residing in Los Angeles.

FLOR is also an aesthetic style, created by the band as an Instagram visual art project. Their Instagram page features 3D, quick-cut renderings of simple moving images, set to soundscapes from the band’s music.

‘Warm Blood’ is the second in a series on monthly singles, following ‘Unsaid’, which was released in May. We can’t wait for July’s single.

Sounds like: Imogen Heap, Owl City, Death Cab for Cutie, Still Corners, Chrvches, Hello Goodbye, Sleep Lust

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Hana – Clay

HANA is a LA-hailing newcomer to the Indietronica scene. Lauded by soon-to-be-tourmates Lana Del Rey and Grimes, the latter of which is good pals with Hana, frequently mentioning her online.

HANA’s debut single was produced by frequent Grimes-collaborator Blood Diamonds, and is a alluring, sweet pop-ballad, complete with subtle synths and addictive melodies.

Sounds like: Grimes, Austra, X Priest X, Pawws, Still Corners, Blood Diamond
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LANY – Someone Else

LANY - Someone Else

LANY – Someone Else

We love how different each LANY track sounds. Every one unveils a new layer of dreampop that tastes sweeter and sweeter upon each listen.

Single ‘Someone Else’ does exactly that. It is an electronic love song that would make any notable boy band jealous.

They support Tove Styrke in May and Maudlin Strangers in June/July.

Sounds like: Crozet, Pistol Shrimp, Brotherun, Goldroom, Scavenger Hunt, Still Corners, Paperwhite, Pawws, Sykes, Washed Out, New Navy, X Priest X, Roosevelt, Great Good Fine Ok, Lostboycrow

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LANY – Made In Hollywood

Lany - Made in Hollywood

Lany – Made in Hollywood

LANY is a synth pop band from Nashville.

Following on from the release of the ‘Acronyms EP’ and the success of their last track, ‘ILYSB’ being number one on Hype Machine, is the just-as-catchy ‘Made in Hollywood’.

Similar to previous tracks, the lyrics for ‘Made in Hollywood’ are what dream-ridden 80’s American films are made of. This is hazy indie pop at its best.

‘Made in Hollywood’ was self released on 2 September 2014 and can be purchased on iTunes here.

We’ve also included the cheeky Ferdinand Weber remix of ‘ILYSB’ below.

Sounds like: Crozet, Pistol Shrimp, Brotherun, Goldroom, Scavenger Hunt, Still Corners, Paperwhite, Pawws, Sykes, Washed Out, New Navy, X Priest X, Roosevelt

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Pawws – Sugar


Sweet-voiced, Londoner Pawws has just reveal the video for ‘Sugar’, the title track from her debut EP, available now from Best Fit Recordings.

With the song’s foundations all swirling eighties nostalgia and wondrous layers of vintage synth, directors White Rabbit bring the world of ‘Sugar’ alive with a suitably retro nodding kaleidoscopic feast for the senses.

White Rabbit comment on the inspiration behind the video: “Due to the nature of the track we wanted to make something with an 80’s vibe. We’ve always loved the old retro videos shot on original VHS cameras and wanted to have a go doing this with Lucy’s video, mixed with some fun psychedelic visuals we created ourselves.”

Pawws’ Sugar EP is now available worldwide digitally and will be followed by a highly limited CD and vinyl edition this summer. Each CD will be hand finished by Pawws herself whilst the 12″ version will be pressed onto pink coloured vinyl. Both formats are available to pre-order now.

Sounds like; Grimes, iamamiwhoami, Banks, Say Lou Lou, Haerts, Still Corners, Paris Carney
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Washed Out – Weightless

Washed out

Washed Out, AKA Ernest Greene, is a young guy from Georgia who makes bedroom synthpop with a dreamy, shoegaze feel.

His latest creation is ‘Weightless’, from his album, ‘Paracosm’, which is accompanied by one of the most stunning music videos you will ever see. Directed by David Altobelli (M83, Sia, Conor Oberst), the vid beautifully tells the story of unrequited love. Altobelli says of the video, “Unrequited love is a universal emotion. In this case, the emotions are heightened because there exists yet another wall between the protagonist and the object of his affection. It’s heartbreaking and inevitable, but it’s also just part of being a kid in love”.

Sounds like; M83, Still Corners, Maps, Crozet,
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An Indietronica Collaboration With Indieverse

An Indietronica first! A collaboration with Indieverse.

Indieverse has kindly set up a mixtape of 10 hot indietronica tunes for you to listen to at your heart’s content. Here’s a lowdown on each track:

1. The Chain Gang of 1974 – ‘Miko’

The Chain Gang of 1974

The Chain Gang of 1974

The Chain Gang of 1974 is an indietronica project that is the moniker of L.A. based, multi-instrumentalist and DJ Kamtin Mohage.

His track, ‘Miko’ initially has a reflective and heartfelt melody similar to a production that would be displayed by The Postal Service, but it quickly and frantically switches up a notch with a darker and punchier beat.

His upcoming LP is due for release next year.

Sounds like: The Postal Service

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2. Mons Montis – ‘Swept’

Mons Montis

Mons Montis

Mons Montis are Viktor Paulsrud, Herman Båverud Olsson and Julia Hjertström. Forming the band was a 2013 summer project that they decided to share with their friends and families via Soundcloud.

Read more on the track here.

Sounds like: College

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3. The Weeknd – ‘The Party’ (Chi Duly Remix)

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

Slightly more R&B based now.

Abel Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd) has been dubbed ‘the songbird of our generation’, despite breaking some of the most accepted rules in the music industry.

The Chi Duly remix of ‘The Party’ has a more energetic feel, without disguising Tesfaye’s smooth vocals.

Sounds like: James Blake, Alex Clare, Jamie Woon, Josef Salvat, SOHN, Gent Mason

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4. Lina Fouro – ‘Bang Bang Baby’

Lina Fouro

Lina Fouro

Lina Fouro is a street smart Afghan-Canadian singer. Her super catchy track, ‘Bang Bang Baby’ is expected to be on her upcoming album ‘The Love Cycle’, which explores the highs and lows of love.

‘Bang Bang Baby’ sounds like it has been produced in Ibiza, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another Balearic-sounding summer hit from an artist across the pond because 1 minute in, ‘Bang Bang Baby’ is flipped on its head and turns into a molten of dubstep inspired bass.

Sounds like: Lady Gaga, Madonna

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5. The New Division – ‘Pride’

The New Division

The New Division

‘Pride’ is the first track on the The New Division‘s four-song digital EP ‘Night Escape’, which is out now on The New Division’s own label, Division 87 Records.

The track immediately engulfs us with weightless and dreamy synths. Then John Kunkel’s vocals start and we are immediately grounded. Close your eyes and imagine a love story unravel just like in an 80’s movie.

Sounds like: New Order, Depeche Mode, Suzuki Method, Delphic, Joy Division

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6. KYLIAN – ‘Remind Me’



Violin-trained Emily Holden (aka KYLIAN) has impressed us with her classical twist on electronica. Her first ballad is subtle, yet it gives us a snippet of what is to come from the singer. The primitive synths and towering drums definitely intrigue us.

Sounds like: Death Rattle, OH Land, College, I BREAK HORSES, Us Baby Bear Bones

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7. Futurecop! – ‘Living in a Daydream’



British Futurecop! are full impact, disney-loaded electronica. Growing up together, the nostalgic Futurecop! boys, Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol, listened to punk pop, but always had an interest in 80’s and early 90’s pop culture.

‘Living in a Daydream’ is no exception with its emo nostalgia.

Sounds like: KAVINSKY, Justice, Daft Punk, Owl City, Hellogoodbye

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8. Stop Drop Robot – ‘Sugar Weep’

Stop Drop Robot

Stop Drop Robot

Stop Drop Robot are an electronic rock band from Sheffield. The band are yet to be signed, but are known for their impressive live shows.

Their track ‘Sugar Weep’ is guitar heavy with echoey vocals and a touch of synths.

Sounds like: Suzuki Method

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9. Cosmonaut Grechko – ‘Singin” (feat. Joywave)

Cosmonaut Grechko

Cosmonaut Grechko

Cosmonaut Grechko is Russian electro wunderkind. His track, ‘Singin” serves up superb synth and pop electro. Grechko constantly mixes the track up so that it doesn’t get tiring. We want more from Greschko!

Sounds like: Joywave, RAC, Cut Copy, Owl City, ROOSEVELT, Goldroom

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10. No Doubt – ‘Don’t Speak’ (cover by Computer Magic)

Computer Magic

Computer Magic

Computer Magic are Brooklyn-based Danielle Johnson (vocals, keyboards), James Morley (guitar), Justin Coles (bass), and Chris Egan (drums).

Sci-fi obsessed Johnson’s vocals are logical and delicate.

For a bit more of an idea about the band, have a listen and a free download of their awesome track ‘Time to Decide’:

As far as we know, there have been no official releases yet.

Sounds like: No Doubt, OH Land, Still Corners, MGMT, Best Coast

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The mixtape is available for free download here, but hurry it’s only limited to 200 downloads a month!


Sol Flare – Silver Moon


Sol Flare founder Dom Wood had a vision for this act for some time, finally putting into place the perfectly formed style and sound he had longed for, after finding classically trained vocalist Sasha Rakhman who was able to improvise her beautiful vocals over his own tracks. The duo spent time recording throughout 2013 as Sol Flare, and will release their debut album later this year, as well as taking on a string of live performances.

Sol Flare make melodic, ethereal indietronica with powerful, driving layers floating over electronic drums and synths. The production value is exceptional, with each chord and harmony perfectly complementing the next, and Sasha’s delicate soprano vocals shining throughout. The track ‘Silver Moon’ is a progressive journey, modulating between urgency and dreamy repose.

Sounds like; Grimes, M83, Still Corners, Keep Shelly in Athens
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Still Corners – Fireflies


Still Corners members Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes make voluminous ethereal pop indietronica, with soft, fairy female vocals and lustrous pulsating synths. With heavy 80s film influences such as The Breakfast Club and Manhunter their latest video for new single ‘Fireflies’ pays homage to Top Gun.

Still Corners have recently toured with Chvrches, and are already “tinkering” with their third album, and will embark on an EU tour this Autumn.

‘Strange Pleasures’, is out now on Sub Pop, and available for purchase here.

Sounds like; Julianna barwick, Little Boots, Washed Out, Grimes
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