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Shells – Jailbird



Meet Shells, a cute and lively singer/songwriter from the UK.

Shells’ new track, ‘Jailbird’ is minimalistic on the surface, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find layers of “percussion, cut-up cymbals, chest-slaps and claps, humming and Kora sounds”, all yearning for freedom.

‘Jailbird’ features on the ‘Shapes’ EP, due for release on 25th November via 5/5.

Sounds like: Sibling, Feist

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Emma Gatsby – 2 Steps

Emma Gatsby - 2 Steps

Emma Gatsby – 2 Steps

Sassy 19 year old Emma Gatsby knows what the deal is, and she isn’t letting anyone get in her way.

Hailing from New York, Emma learned to play the piano and cello at the tender age of four, with her mother teaching her, until she sadly passed away when Emma was aged nine. Following this, Emma picked up a guitar and decided to teach herself to play. She was writing songs by aged eleven, but was using music as a way to distract herself from the realities that she found herself in, especially after her father passed away.

Of her latest song, Emma says, “‘2 Steps’ is a song I wrote about a relationship or should I say several relationships. As much as it’s based on my real life experience with an ex, it was more so, my realization that I was always the one doing the damage first that inspired the song.”

Sounds like: Violet Days, Dominique, Kissy, Amy Guess, Harper, Sizzy Rocket, SUMif, Sibling

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Brave Shores – More Like You

Brave Shores

Brave Shores

Brave Shores is Toronto-based brother-sister duo.

Their track ‘More Like You’ has finally reached the UK. We are not sure why it took so long!!

It is a chilled and dreamy serenade.

Their self-titled EP is out now via Universal Canada and can be purchased on iTunes.

Sounds like: Broken Bells, MGMT, Phantogram, Susanne Sundfør, Pistol Shrimp, Sibling, Washed Out, Strange Names

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