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Shells – Jailbird



Meet Shells, a cute and lively singer/songwriter from the UK.

Shells’ new track, ‘Jailbird’ is minimalistic on the surface, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find layers of “percussion, cut-up cymbals, chest-slaps and claps, humming and Kora sounds”, all yearning for freedom.

‘Jailbird’ features on the ‘Shapes’ EP, due for release on 25th November via 5/5.

Sounds like: Sibling, Feist

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Fjord – Shapes

Fjord - Shapes

Fjord – Shapes

Fjord is a young, ambient-pop duo from Québec.

Smooth beats and light vocals, this track is the perfect end to a Monday.

Sounds like: Baile, Prince George, July Child, Tabrill

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