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Sanctuary Sound – One Clear Thought

Sanctuary Sound

Sanctuary Sound

Sanctuary Sound is the project of multi-instrumentalist Cade Sadler, who creates peaceful and reflective music.

It consists only of him, a lap top, and an old Stratocaster, and with these minimal apparatus, he creates dreamy, atmospheric guitar drones underscored by deep back beat grooves.

Despite the track appearing to be ‘One Clear Thought’, the process of production is joyfully flustering; starting off with glitchy gameboy-style keys, followed by contemporary vocals and rhythmic drums, later finishing with distorted interruptions.

His five-track EP, ‘Brass Ring’, is out now.

Sounds like: Jack Garratt, Honne, Tame Impala, Summer Heart, Day Wave, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, Brian Eno, Bob Dylan

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