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Meredith – Levels



“Australian musician”. That is all we really know about Meredith.

After listening to her two tracks, we’ve come to the conclusion that if you cut Banks in half, she would be the tender, softer part. She is more innocent in respect of her tone and lyrics, but that’s not to say her music isn’t top notch. Just listen to ‘Levels’ and you’ll understand why.

The video explores the often tangled, delicate and fraught dynamic that dictates the course of female friendships. As the pair soundlessly go through the motions of companionship, there’s an instantly-recognisable element of longing for closeness but actively keeping a safe distance. Secretive, ambiguous notes are passed from girl to girl and collected in a delicate crystal jar, representative of the calculated moves we make as we relate to each other on different levels. As Meredith herself puts it, “Ultimately, it’s focusing on all the little things we don’t say to each other”.

Sounds like: Ellie Goulding, Banks, RITUALS, Blooms, VÉRITÉ, Lyon, Ruelle, Frances, Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd, Sohn

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Ruelle – Until We Go Down



Ruelle is Nashville-based artist, Maggie Eckford.

Eckford released her debut album ‘Up In Flames’ in January, which was a collection of diverse electronica that was specifically written and recorded for TV and film.

‘Until We Go Down’ is a dramatic track full of cinematic grander and juxtaposing vocals of innocence.

Sounds like: Evvy, Broods, XYLØ, Ellie Goulding, Bastille, Oh Wonder, Gems, Lykke Li, Aurora

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