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Ayelle – Get Away

ayelle - 'get away'

Swedish-Iranian, singer/songwriter Ayelle is back with a new single titled “Get Away” and it’s, once again, a stunner.

A song that speaks to the wanderer’s soul within us all, the one that yearns for freedom and a fresh start.
Produced by Pontus Persson, it combines Ayelle’s signature nu-r’n’b style with a touch of ultra catchy scandipop.

Speaking about her new release, she says: “I wrote ‘Get Away’ from a place of frustration about the repeating patterns in my life and how I can’t ever seem to stay in one place. It actually started out as a letter to the music industry and the way I’d been pouring myself into my work yet feeling like it was never enough, then those feelings merged with that of a recent break up and I realised that I sometimes feel similarly about my romantic relationships as I have with the music industry – like I’m pouring all of my energy into something or someone until I reach a breaking point and have to step away from it all, or continue forward in a new direction, in search of replenishing my energy and restoring balance to my life.

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Taehee – Feelings

taehee 'Feelings'

Taehee is a singer/songwriter based in New York City and Seoul.

She started singing on stages when she was 5. After her college graduation and a bunch of different jobs and companies, she slowly realized she wouldn’t be happy without making music.

She’s now ready to unveil to the world her music project and she’s just released her debut single titled “Feelings“. It’s a feel-good modern R&B jam, enriched by intricate Neo Soul textures and topped by a gorgeous, pop production curtesy of veteran producer Matt Anthony.

Speaking about the track and the writing process behind it, Taehee explains: “The song is me telling my crush to stop thinking too much and give into the feelings! It’s really about the times that you know that you like them and the other person also likes you back, but nothing is happening.

It originally started as a sad crush song, saying “I wish I was somebody else, somebody different” but then I started producing the track, and the sounds called for a brighter perspective. So I wrote a totally different melody and the lyrics and that became the final song “feelings”.

It then became something else when the bassist James Genus (He plays in SNL, Random Access Memory to name just a few of his acts) joined. I’m so grateful that I could work with such a great musician on my song.


KLYMVX ft. Ana Nieto – Condenada

klymvx ana nieto

KLYMVX is a French-based production duo intertwining two diverse cultural backgrounds: Axel from Vietnam and Hovig from Armenia.

After a series of successful, dance-oriented releases, they’re now taking a different sound direction with their latest release ‘Condenada‘, bringing on some sick urban-tinged vibes.

On the track, KLYMVX teamed up with rising Ibiza-based singer Ana Nieto. The song serves as a transitioning message to Ana’s ex, explaining loss and her sadness but that perspective evolves and gains strength ultimately turning to anger and a point of no return.

Speaking about it, KLYMVX explain: “Condenada is a very special track as it made in Spain, mixed in Paris and mastered in London and these are three cities we have lived in the last 4 months and it was also made in 2 hours and a half and this is our very first song. This is the true new usa honoring our parisian, urban heritage and our new direction and sound.“.

Skøien – Breathe

skoien breathe

Swedish singer/songwriter Skøien has just dropped her debut single ‘Breathe‘, just in time for being considered as one of the most promising debut of this 2021.

Modern-pop with, nu-r’n’b aftertaste and a massive dose of scandi catchiness: a fire tune you shouldn’t miss.

Speaking about the song, she explains “I wrote my track ‘Breathe’ in a very sarcastic way, to portray the way I now think of myself in my past relationship. It was a very tumultuous chapter of my life, so getting out of that and writing this song almost gave me a little bit of closure for that relationship. Although it might just be one of my many coping mechanisms, I love to make fun of myself in that situation because I’ve now been able to move past it, with this song I guess.


Ayelle – Still A Boy

ayelle still a boy

Swedish-Iranian, LA-based nu-r’n’b goddess Ayelle is almost ready for the release of her debut LP “VIII“.

The latest single off of it, is titled “Still a Boy” and it’s a haunting soul/r&b ballad about falling out of love with someone who’s not ready to match one’s growth.

Speaking about the song, she says: “It can be incredibly difficult to leave a relationship when the other person doesn’t want to let you go. Whilst writing this I was trying to ease my own guilt around a recent break up, reminding myself of my reasons and the fact that ultimately every person is responsible for their own happiness.

ICYMI, listen also to the her previously released singles: the slow burning jam “Options” and the pop banger “Nights2Long

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Elina Eriksson – I Don’t Wanna Be Mad At You

Elina Eriksson

Swedish artist and producer Elina Eriksson sings about her own experiences within a long-term relationship on self-written and produced new single ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Mad at You‘.

The follow up to her debut ‘Discover Her‘, is a heartfelt song which explores challenges and struggles that can appear in a relationship with someone. Part scandi-pop, part modern r’n’b: this is a delicious comeback single you shouldn’t miss.

Speaking about the song, she explains: ”You have so much love for that person and the last thing you want is to be mad at that someone, that means the most to you. But certain things keep occurring and sometimes it’s inevitable not to fight. It will either bring you closer or it will take a toll on the relationship and might ruin what was so good about it, in the first place”.

Sounds like: Ayelle, Billie Eilish, Gracie Abrams

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