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Reyn Hartley – Bow

reyn hartley bow

NY via Texas Reyn Hartley croons on his brand new single ‘Bow‘ and brings forward a sound you’ve never heard, evolving the space in a sonic world that is entirely his own.

The independent artist (who’s gained internet fame with his song ‘Snitch‘ racking in over 30 million streams across DSPs) grew up listening to doo wop and other classics at home with his mom and would go to school and listen to rap all day with his friends. Those heterogenous influences here make the pair with a very personal vocal resulting into an addictive tune you shouldn’t miss.

Hartley is currently working on his debut LP ‘Georgia‘. The story behind this title it’s something you wanna hear. Georgia, in fact, is the daughter of one of the most notorious drug lords in American (and international) history, for the privacy of all involved Hartley created the name “Georgia” as a pseudonym. The two met in Texas while attending school before dropping out and have spent what Hartley describes as an incredibly beautiful but toxic five years together.

Sounds like: nobody else

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