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Premiere: Christa VI – Give And Take

Christa Vi by Jon Enoch

Christa Vi by Jon Enoch

Christa VI returns with ‘Give And Take’.

It’s a little more synth-based than we are used to hearing from Christa VI, but she has been busy crafting her sound, working with the likes Ben Fitzgerald (Stubborn Heart) on production, as well as collaborating with artists such as Box of Wolves from Canada and Australian songwriter Ben Salter (ABC Music)

Despite the upbeat feel of the track, Christa VI ensures that we aren’t distracted from the lyrical focus of ‘Give And Take’, which essentially documents a relationship tug-of-war.

‘Give And Take’ has been taken from Christa VI’s upcoming album, ‘Makeshift Happiness’, out later in the year on Tangelo Records.

Sounds like: Nina Yasmineh, Kate Nash

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Premiere: Luke Rathborne – Little Moment

Luke Rathborne

Luke Rathborne

It’s almost the weekend, so before things go a little crazy, it’s time to reflect on the week passed by listening to the sweet, melancholic ‘Little Moment’ by Luke Rathborne.

Of the track, Luke explains;

“This song tells the story that relates to the theme of all or nothing because its about getting pushed up against a wall in love and feeling your mind going with it. Everyone has had that experience in love before where they have to surrender to something that might make you feel more than you initially bargained for, thats part of what makes love so rare and unique, and really, what makes it coveted.”

Luke Rathborne recorded his debut album at just 17, and his Dylan-esq musical creations have received praise from the likes of Lauren Laverne

Sounds like: Kurt Vile, R.E.M, Bob Dylan

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Premiere: DeltaFoxx – Runaway

Delta Foxx by Matheus Pena

DeltaFoxx by Matheus Pena

With a portfolio of remixes under their Brazilian belts, Deltafoxx are about to release the epic ‘Runaway’ into the world and we are stoked to have the premiere!

Deltafoxx are an excitable indietronica producer/DJ duo who, as well as great music, also have a pretty awesome motto; “Dance, dance, dance!”.

And that is exactly what you will be doing during (and long after) a listen of their new number, ‘Runaway’.

Sounds like: The Knocks, RAC, Goldroom

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