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An Interview With Fenech-Soler

Fenech-Soler at Concorde 2, Brighton

Fenech-Soler at Concorde 2, Brighton

Indietronica watched Fenech-Soler in Brighton on their current tour. The band answered some questions before the gig:

1. Tell us how Fenech-Soler started.

Well Ross and I are brothers and Ross went to school with Dan. We started a band years ago and met Andrew at a local studio near our village. We were pretty awful to be fair. Andrew lived just down the road from us so I guess we just grew up in the same area and shared a mutual love of electronic music.

2. Sum up your sound in 3 words.

Umm, electronic, melodic and anything else that rhymes with ‘onic’…

3. Explain why ‘Rituals’ is different to your first, self-entitled album?

I think it represents us becoming comfortable with the space that we occupy within music. It’s always a challenge making the leap from your first album to your second and this period certainly tested us but we weren’t going to finish until we were happy with it. Rituals is a massive leap for us and I guess I feel it’s a more complete piece of a work. It has a start, middle and an end.

4. What is your favourite track off the new album?

‘Somebody’ is a song that was quite quick to write and record. It came quite late in the process but it’s always a lot of fun to play live.

5. Where do you cite your musical influences from?

We predominantly write electronic music but we listen to quite a range. We’ve always had a love for straight up pop music. Pop music that has integrity and character because pop has never been a dirty word for us. It just means that you connect universally. Pop music from the late 70’s early 80’s influences us but then we listen to a lot of current electronic music.

6. We love discovering new music at Indietronica. What new music are you listening to at the moment?

I’m currently listening to Maribou State at the moment. I really like their productions and sounds. Really forward thinking. Duologue are also an act that have brilliant songs. They’re currently on tour with us and it’s a real pleasure watching them every night. Great musicians.

7. What is next for Fenech-Soler, once you have finished your tour?

America is the next place we’re planning on visiting. It’s been a while since we played in the states so we’re planning to release our first single there and get on the road.

Fenech-Soler at Concorde 2, Brighton

Fenech-Soler at Concorde 2, Brighton

The gig was one of the best gigs I’ve been to recently. As soon as they stepped onto the stage, the crown instantly started clapping their hands and cheering. It was refreshing to hear Ben’s voice sound a bit more grizzly than his usual clean sound. It’s probably more due to the extensive touring the guys have been doing lately, but I liked it.

The band played a mixture of songs from the incredible album, ‘Rituals’, such as ‘Last Forever’ and the new track ‘In Our Blood’, as well as the classics including ‘Lies’ and ‘Stop and Stare’.

It was a mixed up and stripped down performance with a honorary large drum, some dirty bass, synths, and hypnotic lighting chucked into the mix.

I just wish this tour could last forever and I am already at the front of the queue for their next gig.

Fenech-Soler at Concorde 2, Brighton

Fenech-Soler at Concorde 2, Brighton

A special shout out also goes to Duologue and NYPC who warmed the crowd up last night.

Have a listen to ‘In Our Blood’, taken from ‘Rituals’, which was out on 2 September 2013 and is available for purchase here.

Sounds like: Bag Raiders, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Friendly Fires, Delphic, Bastille

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CSS – Into The Sun


Brazilian band CSS have just released new video for ‘Into the Sun’, the latest release from recent album ‘Planta’. ‘Planta’ was released 17th June on SQE Music, available to purchase here.

‘Into the Sun’ is a shimmery, care-free and laidback groove, with a fast, pulsing synth bass, and delightful percussion, not to mention the trademark multiple soft female vocals.

The video is a pastiche of a B-movie tv thriller with the CSS members as characters trying to complete a mission, involving some odd outfits and some techni-coloured seeds, only to rebel against the one who had clearly set the mission, with middle fingers up!

Sounds like; NYPC, Yelle, Annie
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