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Tara Carosielli x JNTHN STEIN – ‘Cry Baby’

tara carosielli 'cry baby'

Fresh of her collaboration with Coco & Breezy for their hit ‘Just Say’, UK songstress Tara Carosielli has just released her first solo effort after a long hiatus: a dark-pop banger titled ‘Cry Baby‘.

Some years ago, Tara captured the attention of all the most important tastemakers, who heavily praised her EP ‘I Know You Hate Me‘.

At the peak of the hype, rather than pursuing success at all cost, she chose to take a break, work on herself, to experience life and grow, both as a person and a musician.

About the reasons surrounding her break, she explains: “Music has always been near and dear to me… but so has living. In order to be able to write my songs, I have to live. The hiatus was completely necessary, now I have all the fuel to write about my experiences in a raw and honest way, I’m juiced up. I’m writing now in a way that I wasn’t open to a few years back, it’s been liberating to open up parts of myself that I never have before.”.

She adds: “I Know You Hate Me was such an honest project, and I never want to write something that isn’t completely me… Sometimes it takes a while to come back to yourself. I’m excited for the world to hear more about me and my stories in my own words.

Cry Baby‘, produced by LA producer JNTHN STEIN, represents Tara Carosielli’s first solo comeback and the first taste of a series of releases she will drop later this year.

Speaking about it, she said: “‘Cry Baby’ is written about somebody who I met and was completely in awe of… somebody who only reciprocated that same energy if we were in the same room. I had to train myself to be less soft with him, and so I wrote this song when I was fed up. It was the first step in taking my power and my adoration back.”


Ayelle – Get Away

ayelle - 'get away'

Swedish-Iranian, singer/songwriter Ayelle is back with a new single titled “Get Away” and it’s, once again, a stunner.

A song that speaks to the wanderer’s soul within us all, the one that yearns for freedom and a fresh start.
Produced by Pontus Persson, it combines Ayelle’s signature nu-r’n’b style with a touch of ultra catchy scandipop.

Speaking about her new release, she says: “I wrote ‘Get Away’ from a place of frustration about the repeating patterns in my life and how I can’t ever seem to stay in one place. It actually started out as a letter to the music industry and the way I’d been pouring myself into my work yet feeling like it was never enough, then those feelings merged with that of a recent break up and I realised that I sometimes feel similarly about my romantic relationships as I have with the music industry – like I’m pouring all of my energy into something or someone until I reach a breaking point and have to step away from it all, or continue forward in a new direction, in search of replenishing my energy and restoring balance to my life.

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