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Talos – Reborn



Nature-loving, Talos (aka Eoin French), shares his new track, ‘Reborn’.

It maybe a slow burner, but the result is a highly atmospheric track that showcases an emotional intensity in Eoin’s vocals and electronic production that we initially weren’t expecting upon first play.

Of the track, Eoin explains,

“‘Reborn’ embodies the feeling of a release. I think there are times when you have to allow yourself space from looking inward and instead expose something more instinctual, more impulsive… This is about a desire to get ‘lost’ in a way, and to let any attachments fall away in that escape.”

‘Reborn’ has been taken from his debut EP, ‘O Sanctum’, out tomorrow via Feel Good Lost, and includes remixes from the MAPS and Sin Fang.

Sounds like: Broadhurst, Phoria, James Blake, Bon Iver

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Playlist: Suns



London, alt-pop duo, Suns, have just dropped the brilliantly retro video for ‘Catalyse’.

Using traditional electronic sounds and sonic reverberations, you’d be fooled into thinking this band is straight out of the 80’s.

To celebrate its release, Suns have put together a pretty cool playlist for us.

Shura – What’s It Gonna Be?
Okay, she was born in Manchester, but studied at UCL 😉 And I really like what she does.

AlunaGeorge – Automatic
Like the two step vibe. Very London.

Blood Orange – Best To You
The first track to grab me on the new album. All twinkles and percussion it feels like summer despite the best efforts of the British weather.

SOHN – Artifice
Like a pop take Thom Yorke‘s solo stuff…

Seal – Crazy
Classic. I remember my dad introducing me to Seal on the Portobello Road, so this feels particularly London to me. I don’t know him. Just met him once as a kid.

Kwabs – Wrong or Right
Still feeling this track. That tone though! And Sohn on production… You can’t go wrong.

Deptford Goth – Two Hearts
Just Beautiful.

Honne – Gone Are The Days
They’re great. I love his drawl.

On Dead Waves – California
The sound of an American summer direct from Kentish Town. I’ve been a fan of Polly Scattergood for years and this new record which she collaborates with James Chapman (Maps) sounds like a movie sound track. Great video too.

Bright Light Bright Light – All In The Name
Originally Welsh, but based and developed in London :-/ The Chorus is great on this song. It makes me think of ‘The Wiz’ for some reason. Haha. You believe he’s having fun with it anyway.

Sounds like: Blood Orange, Aluna George

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Sekuoia – Lamp In The Dark (Feat. Kill J)



Sekuoia teams up with fellow Dane, Kill J for ‘Lamp In The Dark’; a deep-beating electronic track in which Kill J’s falsetto vocals glide in perfectly.

As Sekuoia puts it himself, “the process was one of the most creative things I’ve done. KIll J had some really good input regarding the production, and I had a bit of input towards some vocal aspects. For me, she was the ideal collab”.

It’s out now via Nowadays Records.

Sounds like: Active Child, Grimes, Purity Ring, Keep Shelly in Athens, Monogem, Washed Out, MØ, Tomas Barfod, War on Drugs, Maps, WhoMadeWho, Flume, Lomovolokno, Chet Faker


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Kill J

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Sekuoia – Somewhere

The Danish producer, Sekuoia, is back with new track ‘Somewhere’.

Opening with sparse but instantly arresting beats, ‘Somewhere’ slowly eases its way into your psyche; cut and paste vocals interspersed with dream-like guitar lines play against each other. Fusing together neat dancefloor sensibilities with a very human touch, Sekouia injects his music with a hyper romantic quality rarely seen in electronic music.

It is taken from his forthcoming EP, ‘Reset Heart’.

Sounds like: Active Child, Washed Out, MØ, Tomas Barfod, War on Drugs, Maps, WhoMadeWho

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Susanne Sundfør – Delirious

Susanne Sundfør has released yet another new synthtastic pop song; ‘Delirious’, taken from her forthcoming album Ten Love Songs due for released 16th February 2015 through Sonnet Sound via Kobalt.

The tune is a complex, changing and intense pop song, beginning in fear, building in urgency and ending in pure ecstatic elevation.  Delicious pulsating synths, cinematic string accompaniments are all present in this stunning track, contributing to the only way to describe 'Delirious'; Epic. 

UK and European tour dates are as follows:

3rd Scala, London
11th Kerk, Ghent
12th Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, Cologne
14th Paradiso, Amsterdam
16th Terrace Hill, Hamburg
17th Berghain Kantine, Berlin
19th Pumpehuset, Copenhagen
20st Kägelbanan, Stockholm

Preorder the album Ten Love Songs here.

Sounds like: Vaults, Young Ejecta, OH Land, Kate Bush, Bat For Lashes, Maps, Young Summer Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | MySpace | YouTube



Norwegian songstress Susanne Sundfør’s latest tune ‘Fade Away’ is an 80s-influenced pop song with distinctive, wild vocals at the core, carrying the pain of two lovers drifting apart.

The video, made by Swedish director Laerke Herthoni, is set in a smokey, unfamiliar dystopia, finding Susanne in a dream-like state surrounded by passing silhouettes. Additionally Sundfør has announced a highly anticipated London show at The Lexington 3rd March 2015.

This also follows swiftly on from the release of a remix EP last week, with ‘Fade Away’ being reworked by Big Black Delta, Bjorn Torske, Coucheron and Maps. Her forthcoming new album ‘Ten Love Songs’ released on 16th February 2015 through Sonnet Sound via Kobalt.

Sounds like: Vaults, Young Ejecta, OH Land, Kate Bush, Bat For Lashes, Maps, Young Summer
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Sekuoia – Waves



Sekuoia is 21-year old Danish Patrick Madsen.

To say there is a buzz surrounding this young producer is an understatement. Madsen effortlessly bridges ambient, hip hop and electronica, To date he has released two EP’s (the most recent being on Berlin’s Mooncircle), and now brings us dreamy and washed out new track ‘Waves’, which he describes below:

“Initially I wrote this track in the summer of 2013. I was spending time writing new material in order to play a long set at Roskilde Festival. One night I was playing random stuff on this Spanish guitar, and singing through a mic with loads of reverb on, and while just singing random words, the melody and lyrics just occurred. Since then I’ve been adding new elements along the way. It’s the first track I’ve made with proper lyrics, and in a way it has been the hardest track for me to produce.”

He is playing at The Waiting Room in London on 2 December 2014. More info on his facebook page.

Sounds like: Active Child, Washed Out, MØ, Tomas Barfod, War on Drugs, Maps

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Washed Out – Weightless

Washed out

Washed Out, AKA Ernest Greene, is a young guy from Georgia who makes bedroom synthpop with a dreamy, shoegaze feel.

His latest creation is ‘Weightless’, from his album, ‘Paracosm’, which is accompanied by one of the most stunning music videos you will ever see. Directed by David Altobelli (M83, Sia, Conor Oberst), the vid beautifully tells the story of unrequited love. Altobelli says of the video, “Unrequited love is a universal emotion. In this case, the emotions are heightened because there exists yet another wall between the protagonist and the object of his affection. It’s heartbreaking and inevitable, but it’s also just part of being a kid in love”.

Sounds like; M83, Still Corners, Maps, Crozet,
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Knocking Ghost – Soul Aspiration

Knocking Ghost

Knocking Ghost

Knocking Ghost is an electronic duo from London consisting of Rob Taylor (Vocals/Guitar) and Neil Quinlan (Synth/Guitar). The duo started as a remix collective called Starshapes, doing remixes for Bastille and Erasure.

In late 2012 they decided to make their own music which lead to the release of their debut EP ‘Distractions’ in late January 2013.

The band describe their music as a mix of ‘contemporary dance floor music with part late 70’s early 80’s pop…but always something with a big brooding soul and a silver lining’.

Their new single ‘Soul Aspiration’, although mainstream-pleasing, still includes enough edge to intrigue those lovers of 80’s electro.

The catchy track was mixed by Gareth Jones (Depeche ModeErasureMapsLiars) and the single includes the b-side ‘Fools’ and a Joe Marshall remix, which can be purchased on iTunes here.

Have a listen below:

You can also check out the sultry black and white video below:

Sounds like: Bastille, Suzuki Method, New Order, Depeche Mode

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Susanne Sundfør – Among Us

Susanne Sundfør

Susanne Sundfør

Susanne Sundfør is a singer/songwriter from Norway.

Sundfør’s first release dates back to 2006, but it wasn’t until 2012 when she released a collaboration with the Norwegian electronica duo Röyksopp for their track, ‘Running to the Sea‘, that she became noticed outside Norway.

The soundtrack for the film ‘Oblivion’ (composed by M83) was released in April 2013 with the title song featuring Sundfør as the main vocalist.

In June 2013, Sundfør appeared on Maps‘ single ‘A.M.A’, and she is now working on her 6th album.

The Evan McNary-directed video for her new track, ‘Among Us’ follows a group of gypsy-esque ladies taking heroine, drinking milk, and being driven down the highway by some sort of cowboy. The video definitely has some dark 70s vibes in it. Close your eyes now if you’re easily displeased!

Sounds like: OH Land, Bat For Lashes, Of Monsters and Men, Maps

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