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Playlist: Jason Gaffner

Jason Gaffner

Jason Gaffner

Los Angeles-based resident, Jason Gaffner, creates danceable, disco-funk tunes with highly emotional content.

His latest release is called ‘Feel Something’, and it’s written about how just one person can make you drop your barriers and learn to love again.

In a bid to get to grips with how Jason manages to balance vulnerability in his music with upbeat vibes, we asked him to put together a playlist for us comprised of his current, favourite songs.

Drona & Nanok – Horizons
I love this song because it really hooked me almost instantly with the vocal production and bass tones.

TV Noise – Think feat Jessame
Just has so much going on that I like. Great vocal production and really cool samples. Fun & funky gets me every time! haha : )

Sam Padrul – Hold On Me feat Mammals
I might me a little biased because I played all the sweet funky guitars on this track, but I think it came together wonderfully. Very good for wrapping up summer.

Jazz Morley – Take Me Down (New Immunity Remix)
Kind of has that looking off into the sunset driving down the coast vibe to it.

THANKS – Dizzy
Like Justice meets Daft Punk— what’s not to like? Will be doing some music with these guys in the future as well! : )

Ark Patrol – Trouble feat. Josh Rubin
Like when you’re wandering aimlessly through a quiet neighborhood on a summer night.

Farleon – Tell Me feat. Jason Gaffner
Yes. Shameless self promotion. But really I think this is a song that will be around for summers to come. I envision this in some sort of 2017 Ray Bans commercial with lots of beautiful beach shots.

Iman Omari – Take Away feat. Good Joon
Love that guitar line. Seriously so dope. We were in the studio trying to figure out if that was a real guitar or a synth for like 3 hrs the other day haha

Lenno – All Eyes On Us
I really don’t understand how this has only 13k plays on soundcloud. I’m perturbed by this fact haha. Anyways LOVE this track. Lenno and I are also working on some music together!

SOHN – Signal
Really this song is just fucking awesome on so many levels. Vibessss : )

Sounds like: RAC, Flight Facilities, Goldroom, NVDES, Raeko, Chromeo

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Goldroom – Till Sunrise



Goldroom aka LA Producer Josh Legg cut his teeth remixing the likes of Charli XCX, Niki & The Dove, Say Lou Lou, ALPINE, Atlas Genius and Chela to name a few, and has now moved to his own produced creations, including ‘Fifteen’, last year.

‘Till Sunrise’ is the latest unveiling from Goldroom, and features Aussie band Mammals. The track is a more mellow, dreamy and hazy summer tune, whereas Goldroom’s last release we blogged about here at Indietronica was ‘Embrace‘ which covered bigger, punchier melodies with a pop edge.

‘Till Sunrise’ has also been remixed by Belarbi, after Goldroom uploaded the vocal stem of his new track before releasing it on the 11th of august, as what he called #thepremix. The remix takes the Balearic edge off the original, adding progressive, crafted guitar and piano tones.

Sounds like: Sohn, Washed Out, Mammals
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