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Hamster feat. Lee – This Is Mine

This Is Mine is a follow-up collaboration between genre-defying indie-electro-pop producer Hamster and brazen genderqueer singer-songwriter Lee. It’s a massive electro-acoustic-flavored track featuring a powerful blend of melodic timbre and heartfelt lyricism from Lee. The track kicks in strongly with a simple guitar lead covered with Lee’s beautiful voice which builds up for a more catchy melodic atmosphere with strong vocal leads all over the way.


The track is about finding the inner resolve to be comfortable in your own skin, to succeed on your own terms, and to shed toxic relationships and the harmful expectations of others. This Is Mine is the first track from Hamster’s forthcoming EP, (tentatively titled ‘Old World’), set to release February 2020.


Sounds Like: LP, Tash Sultana, Simply Falling, Sam Smith

Landon Williams – Tonight

Landon Williams

Landon Williams

A debut from another talented male singer. The boys are giving the girls are running for their money at the moment.

This time it’s the funky ‘Tonight’ from Landon Williams, which was produced and co-written by PJ Bianco (Demi Lovato, LP, Nick Jonas).

Landon (who was brought up on a cattle ranch, of all places) likes to combine old school influences (Van MorrisonMarvin Gaye, The Rolling Stones, John Mayer) with contemporary vibes.

Of the track, Landon says, ‘Tonight’ is about what might happen if “Foster the People and MGMT were to pick up Lana Del Rey at a club.” He adds “ The song has multiple vibes being happy and upbeat yet looming with a dark edge, which I feel sonically conveys how any good thing can fade or relapse.”

Sounds like: GIRL FRIEND, Sillyboy, Kid Astray

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