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CUT_ – Not Addicted To You


As CUT_ prepares for the release of their debut album, they share a song about something we perhaps have all experienced at one time or another, all wrapped up within a looping, moody popsong.

‘Not Addicted To You’ leaves you questioning if this is the story of great independence and ability to step back from a toxic relationship, or is it in fact someone trying to convince oneself singing the words I’m not addicted to you as some kind of mantra trying to detach themselves from this other person?

Sounds like: Phantogram, Kito, Broods

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Tara Carosielli – Leave You Lonely

Tara Carosielli

Tara Carosielli

There is nothing more powerful than girls working together, especially when it comes to music.

This is where London indietronica artist, Tara Carosielli, comes into play. Having teamed up with Kito on production, ‘Leave You Lonely’ is not your usual break-up song.

Taking full reigns on everything (including her own promotion of ‘Leave You Lonely’ – no press backing required), Tara declares that the problem is in fact you and not her. We hear ya sister!

Sounds like: Kiiara, Banks

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