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Kate Lynn – Easy For You

Kate Lynn

New alternative pop act Kate Lynn returns with her second single of 2020. Following her debut single ‘Summer 09’ and sophomore release ‘Told You to Stay’, ‘Easy For You’ is the summer pop break-up anthem we all need to hear at least once in our lives.

Now living in Nashville, the young singer-songwriter draws from personal experiences, specifically in this case discussing the emotions she felt during an awkward run-in with her ex. “It just made me think about how you can go from knowing someone on such a deep level to strangers in only a few months, I was still frustrated with how things ended and couldn’t understand how it was so easy for him to move on.

The song begins with a perfect introduction to Kate’s softer tones and sublime vocal control. As the track grows, the power within the delivery builds to match culminating in a huge anthemic finale. Full of luscious synths and a catchy hook in the chorus, ‘Easy For You’ is a hard tune to ignore.

Sounds like: Dagny, Ralph

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