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Kuni – A Feeling

kuni 'a feeling'

Rising Italian singer/songwriter Kuni has just dropped her sophomore single titled ‘A Feeling‘.

After the well received debut ‘Sleep Baby‘, which got support from the likes of The Line Of Best Fit and Earmilk and was listed on NMF, Fresh Finds and Borderless, she’s now showing a more rock-ish side of her project.

A Feeling‘ is an empowering guitar-pop jam, full of bittersweet 90s reminiscences, a touch of C86 vibes and a massive dose of sticky melodies.

Speaking about the song, she says: “‘A Feeling’ is a recurrent conversation with myself, a back and forth between my insecurities and strengths, wrapped by the hope that one day I’ll accept the fact that I’m the only one that stands by me – and that that is ok.

LA Parties – Butterflies

la parties butterflies

Singer-songwriter LA Parties has just released his personal reinterpretation of Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Butterflies‘.

Fourth and final single of his Romance era, this version is completely detached from the sound of the original and fits fully into LA Parties’ catalog, made of distorted guitars and indie-rock aesthetics.

Speaking about the song, he explained: “In the summer of 2018 I was living in Los Angeles and interning at Atlantic Records. One day at work, a few people at the desk next to me were playing the video for “High Horse” and obsessing over it. Earlier in the year, my sister had briefly tried to get me into Kacey’s music, but I wasn’t having it. For some reason though, this time I was enthralled. The disco beat and flashy visuals pulled me in. For the rest of the summer, I was bumping “High Horse” all over LA. Sometimes a song has a time and place in your life. For me, “High Horse” is undeniably Los Angeles, summer 2018. It wasn’t until the end of summer, the day I was packing up my apartment to move back east to finish university that I gave all of Golden Hour a listen. I was surprised with how mellow the album was, but I didn’t hate it. I understood that it was a songwriter’s album, but didn’t immediately take to it. Fast forward a few weeks later, and I’m home as summer is beginning to turn to fall. The words just popped into my head “You gimme butterflies”. I was like, “Kristina, is that Kacey Musgraves?” to which she was begrudgingly like “YES”. From that moment on, a long and intense love affair with the entire album began.

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LA parties – IVERSON

la parties iversonn

23-year old singer-songwriter LA Parties has just released his brand-new single ‘Iverson‘.

The song is a summer indie-rock anthem, full of 90s vibes and sonorities we used to found on MTV during their golden era. Written during the time he was re-learning guitar after an accident, the tune has a really peculiar sound, due to the tuning he had to make up for the occasion.

Fresh and nostalgic at the same time, if you’re looking for some solid guitar music: you should definitely put him on your radar.

Speaking about the song, he explained: “I wrote the song in early 2018 during a period where I was too depressed to sleep in my bedroom, so I was sleeping on the couch (mental illness, I don’t understand it either). I had my interface, laptop, and guitar right next to me on the coffee table, and right when I would wake up in the morning I would open my laptop and just start working. It’s a song about my relationship at the time with being a developing artist, and my prospective career. “Staring at my iPhone / All the notes I’ve kept they haunt me”, I think that’s very relatable for any creative or songwriter. Ultimately even though I was twisted and feeling hopeless at the time, my ambitions were still true. Reducing it down to the fact that I just wanted to create things that people enjoy“.

About the official video, he added: “The “Iverson” video is a mash up of a bunch of footage I took over the past few months of me and my friends hanging out, just doing what we do – throwing parties, playing pond hockey, listening to my music, and other shenanigans – and some Hi8 footage I found on an old YouTube channel called Destruction Squirrel of their gang skating and just being kids back in 2001. I don’t know what it is but “Iverson” just sounds like skateboarding to me. It feels like a mix between some emo music of the early 2000s and skating down the Venice boardwalk in 2021. I thought it was a cool opportunity to highlight two different subcultures – the skater kids of the early 2000s and what we’re building right now with LA Parties.

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Bonnie Lola – Vanilla Ice Cream

bonnie lola

Having spent the last year releasing a wave of bold and captivating alt-rock offerings, Bonnie Lola have now returned with their latest stunner ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’.

Treading the line between alt-rock and indie-rock tendencies, the song sees the outfit channel a far more atmospheric and textured direction. Filled with powerful riffs, anthemic production, and frontman Grady Neff’s soaring vocals at the helm, this new release looks set to see them make their most diverse impact yet.

Speaking about the new single, Grady said, “The song is about a fleeting addiction that hooks you on the first taste. You might forget over time or move on, but once you’ve had it, it will remain a memory forever.

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The Pale White – Glue

the pale white

Indie rock band from Newcastle The Pale White have just released a huge new single titled ‘Glue‘.

It’s a distortion drenched banger that not only embraces the band’s roots, but pushes things into their heaviest territory to date. It’s a mammoth statement from The Pale White that lays the foundation for a gamechanging 2021.

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Bird and Byron – Life Is A Bore

bird byron - life is a bore

Bird and Byron, composed of Blake Bergere and Nick Lorenz, are a songwriting duo from Columbus, Ohio.

Inspired by The Strokes, Skeggs, and more modern alt-rock groups, their lates single ‘Life Is A Bore‘ is driven by adventitious, dynamic vocals from Bird, and silky rhythmic guitar from Byron. Combine those factors with snappy lyrics and quick changes, you got yourself an anthem.

Speaking about it, they explain: “The release was intended to provide some form of escape during these crazy and uncertain times. Many people that we know personally have been looking for some sort of way to distract themselves from the daunting pictures and stats that are seen on live tv. The song itself serves as an anthem to how crazy life is right now. With all the restrictions that we now face, it’s hard to find any sense of freedom, and we wanted to amplify those frustrations. Every now and then, you may just want to run away from everything and forget it all. If that’s the case, this is your song.

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jackson lee morgan – falling down

jackson lee morgan - falling down

Texas-via-California artist jackson lee morgan has just returned with a bright and sweeping single titled ‘falling down’.

With a smooth and distinct psych-pop vibe, reminiscent of Glass Animals, Toro Y Moi, and Easy Life, ‘falling down’ sees the singer alongside producers Hoskins (Jean Dawson/Deb Never) The 23rd (Jean Dawson/Deb Never), and Denis Kosiak (Khalid) deliver one of his more sun-kissed offerings to date.

Speaking about his new release, he said, “‘falling down’ is about realizing your life is spiraling but choosing to embrace the thrill of the plummet down.

Sounds like: Easy Life, Glass Animals, Toro Y Moi

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