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Nicolas Michaux – Chaleur Humaine

nicolas michaux chaleur humaine

What a wonderful track Nicolas Michaux has just dropped !

The Bruxelles based singer/songwriter on ‘Chaleur Humaine‘ shows an impeccable ability in blending vintage textures with an absolutely modern songwriting. The song is full of nostalgia and yet full of hopes. A a sun-kissed indie-pop gem, capable of transporting the listener to past eras. By pressing play you will find yourself on sepia-toned beaches, somewhere in southern Italy or French Riviera maybe?

Speaking about the track, he said: “The song fell on me like a godsend. A day on vacation playing the Ukulele. Everything came to me at once, from start to finish in a matter of minutes. It’s as if all the slowly building up anxiety about the future has suddenly been released and transformed into something joyful. As if the part of me that still wants to believe had prevailed over fear and dismay. The production process, on the other hand, took me a long time, I had to try several versions before finding the right formula. But finally, after several very different demos, I ended up recording the final version in an hour or two. It’s a free song, it only does what it pleases.

It arrives together with a gorgeous video directed by Nicolas himself on the island of Ibiza. Watch it below!


Ålesund – Never Enough

alesund never enough

Ålesund is an alt pop band hailing from Bristol, fronted by the ethereal vocals of British-Norwegian singer-songwriter Alba Torriset. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres and artists, Ålesund’s sound is a fusion of dreamy pop hooks, atmospheric soundscapes, and alternative rock riffs, which have drawn comparisons to the likes of Kate Bush, Florence and the Machine and London Grammar.

The first single to come from Ålesund’s up and coming EP is titled ‘Never Enough‘, and it’s a weighty, brooding and thundering entry back into the music scene. Breaking away from their usual ethereal sonic sphere, front woman and writer Alba Torriset was keen to explore a heavier and grungy side to the music. Her love of driving drum beats and experimenting and layering vocal melodies carved the path for Never Enough into existence. Keen to keep the sound more raw and rough round the edges for this next batch of songs, Alba used the energy she felt from performing live on stage and put it back into the recorded music. Lyrically the song reflects on hedonism and the fine line between pleasure and pain, exploring the point at which the search for happiness turns dark.

Check it out!


ben silby – wavy

ben silby 'wavy'

ben silby is a queer, singer and musician from Brooklyn.

Their music is an exploration of what it means to find joy and humor in the sadness that often accompanies life. This powerful dichotomy is the foundation of their brand-new single ‘wavy‘, a quirky alt-pop song on which upbeat melodies make the pair with dark undertones and bittersweet, sarcastic songwriting.

Speaking about the track, they said: “‘wavy’ was written in a time of transition. It was one of those songs that just poured out of me. Everything about my reality felt completely in flux, so I got high alone in my bedroom. It’s a culmination of the anger, remorse, silliness and grief that I had to experience on my own in order to move forward… and it just so happens to be a bop.

Ben is also a performer. Their recurring show “Can’t Hang” features local Brooklyn musicians and drag queens at the venue C’mon Everybody.

Watch the video for ‘wavy‘ here below:


Kuni – A Feeling

kuni 'a feeling'

Rising Italian singer/songwriter Kuni has just dropped her sophomore single titled ‘A Feeling‘.

After the well received debut ‘Sleep Baby‘, which got support from the likes of The Line Of Best Fit and Earmilk and was listed on NMF, Fresh Finds and Borderless, she’s now showing a more rock-ish side of her project.

A Feeling‘ is an empowering guitar-pop jam, full of bittersweet 90s reminiscences, a touch of C86 vibes and a massive dose of sticky melodies.

Speaking about the song, she says: “‘A Feeling’ is a recurrent conversation with myself, a back and forth between my insecurities and strengths, wrapped by the hope that one day I’ll accept the fact that I’m the only one that stands by me – and that that is ok.

Kuni – Sleep Baby

kuni 'Sleep Baby'

Kuni is the project of Eleonora Danese, a singer/songwriter hailing from Rome.

The story behind her moniker is really interesting. Kuni, in fact, is short for Kunimitsu, one of the main characters of the super famous videogame Tekken. Since she was a child, Eleonora was obsessed with Japanese culture, so much in fact that she later obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Eastern Asia Languages and Cultures, specializing in Korean and Japanese.

Her debut single ‘Sleep Baby‘ is a nostalgic, dreamy indie-pop lullaby full of pristine vocals and elegant, timeless melodies.

Speaking about the song, she explains: “All of my songs were born out of a few or many tries at the piano. I sit, I play for a while looking for the chords that sound the best for me, and then I improvise some lyrics that sooner or later becomes the one that stays. The same happened with “Sleep Baby”. I was playing and started to hum around with the word “baby”. I found the main melody and first verses and once I saw that they worked on the chords, I went out on the balcony and sent a voice memo to Pietro on WhatsApp singing them. He gave me the thumbs up so I went back inside and finished it.

She adds: ““Sleep Baby” is my way to say to the other person “There is so much more I could say to you to make you understand me better but I won’t because that would hurt way too much”. It is my way to show how protective I am of their feelings. I love to share stories and things about my past, because I feel very attached to the past itself, but I know I can’t always say everything. Oversharing is kind of a problem for me and trying to control it shows just how much I care about who I am sharing with, since stories about us are also about others and often generate unexpected feelings and reactions that aren’t always good for the ones who are listening.


Calper & Ollie Hussey – For A While

calper & ollie hussey - for a while

London-based producer/songwriter Calper has teamed with up and coming singer/songwriter Ollie Hussey for a collaborative single titled ‘For A While‘.

It’s a dreamy, indie-tinged ballad, full of ethereal textures and enriched by Ollie’s incredible voice.

Calper is the artist project of London based songwriter & producer, Jamie Harper, whose songwriting credits include the likes of Camelphat, Paul Woolford, Blinkie and Karen Harding.

Ollie Hussey hails from Lancashire in the UK and now lives in Cardiff where he studies music at university. He debuted last year with ‘Credence‘ and ‘May I Use‘ which were listed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, hitting also #1 on Hype Machine.

Sounds like: Lewis Capaldi


HÅN – projections on a human screen LP

HÅN projections on a human screen

Italian singer/songwriter HÅN has finally released her highly anticipated debut LP.

Titled “projections on a human screen“, the album is a collection of Z-gen, modern alt-pop gems filtered through HÅN’s signature dreamy aesthetic. Sing-along tunes make the pair with more intimate, experimental moments resulting in a mature body of work you shouldn’t miss.

Describing lead single “Chiro“, HÅN details: “‘Chiro’ is a song I wrote when I was living in London. at the time I was in a long distance relationship, and the only time I was able to see my partner was of course through a screen. when you stay for a long period without seeing someone in person, it’s very easy to replace their real persona with the one that you can perceive through the few exchanges that you have. So that you replace the person with “the idea of the person”. The song is also talking about the fear to let someone in, as I sometimes feel I’m not capable to really take care of someone in the way I would like to.

About the LP, she also added: “‘projections on a human screen’ is my personal diary, written between London and Milan during the last year. I felt the need to document a series of personal experiences and represent them through music & visuals. each song has its own life and imagery, its colours and sounds. and together they form their own world, which is a representation of mine. It takes form from my bedroom (where I write most of my music) and then enters the real world. the effects of the real world are metaphorically projected on a human screen (me), generating all these thoughts and, therefore, this album.

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HÅN – Leave Me!

HÅN Leave Me !

Italian singer/songwriter HÅN has just released a new single.

Titled ‘Leave Me!‘, the song will be part of her highly anticipated debut LP – which will be released later this March. It’s a gen Z-pop banger. HÅN pristine voice paints instant melodies, made more interesting by a smart use of experimentalist sound architectures and enriched by some r’n’b-esque texture.

Speaking about it, she says: “‘Leave Me !’ talks about feeling oppressed by a condition and the will of move on and get away from it. Lyrics are ironic and light, but hide a more profound message. It’s like a tender and cutie cartoon character who hides a knife in his pocket.

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Twin Toes – Lost In Playlists

twin toes lost in playlists

Twin Toes is the project of Brussels songwriters Antoine Geluck and Nicolas Mouquet. The story behind their moniker is quiet funny: it all started on a Monday morning, when Antoine invited Nicolas to his home studio in Brussels. By pure coincidence, forty-eight hours earlier and 120 kilometers apart, they had both broken the same index toe on their respective left foot.

Their debut single ‘Lost In Playlists‘ is a playful, alternative jam, made of dreamy textures and eccentric indie-pop moments with a unique songwriting approach: lyrics are, in fact, a puzzle of streaming playlist titles.

Speaking about it, they explain: “Every band wants their songs to be in all the playlists. We did the opposite. We put all the playlists inside our song. We realized that if we put several names of playlists one after the other, we could build sentences and tell a story. It was a hell of a puzzle, but we think we have managed to write a poetic song from something that it is not necessarily at first. “Lost in Playlists” talks about a heartbreak that we would try to forget through music, by getting lost into all those playlists. Going from one emotion to another, from one mood to another … “.

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All The Rest – Heat Sweat

all the rest heat sweat

Indie pop band All The Rest had became one of the most promising independent acts of the newcomers scene. With a long series of pop bangers, the project gained attention from both tastemakers and dsps. Then 2020 arrived and the band announced an indefinite hiatus.

Frontmen/singers Caleb Smith and Baylee Waller, at the beginning of 2021, realized All The Rest were still alive.

Today we’re finally able to listen to their brand-new single titled ‘Heat Sweat‘, the first song off of their upcoming self-titled sophomore EP, which will be released later this year.

Speaking about their new formation and the comeback single, they explained: “We are incredibly excited to release ‘Heat Sweat’ as our first single in over a year. As for most, 2020 brought it’s fair share of challenges for us as both individuals and a band. Last summer we announced All The Rest would be on an indefinite hiatus. Covid alone may have been enough to kill off a lot of our pier’s bands, but for us it went a little bit deeper than music. None of us were in a great place and there was a lot of internal resentment. Somewhere along the way we let our passions undermine our personal relationships. Then life got crazy. From rehab and recovery, to major breakups and family crises. It was a hell of a year but it was a time we desperately needed to focus on ourselves. Flash forward to 2021, all in a much better place, but still asking ourselves “Are we really done? Is that all we have to say?”. For some of us, sadly, its true, but All The Rest still has music to write and a story to tell. We’ve always poured our hearts into our music and we believe this new song is nothing short of that. ‘Heat Sweat’ is a song for anyone who’s ever been stuck in the friend zone. We hope you love it

Sounds like: LANY, joan., The 1975

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