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Richard Orofino – Rather Die

Richard Orofino by Nicolas Bruno

Richard Orofino by Nicolas Bruno

Sought after co-writer and collaborator Richard Orofino shares the pictorial visuals for his new single, ‘Rather Die’.

Effortless vocals and subtle 80’s synths dominate the song as Orofino declares a love song for the end of the world.

In discussing the song, Richard says, “You would expect it to be a fairly dark tune by its title, but the story describes imagining a world without the person you hold closest to your heart. Being able to say you would ‘rather die’ than live in this fictional reality is super dramatic, which is kind of the point of the song. The premise screams ultra-romance to a point of it being almost silly. I felt a natural inspiration from the ‘new romantic’ genre of the 80’s, alongside some modern Indie/pop anthemic landscapes. My vision was to create a love letter that feels like you’re driving into a black hole but still filled with hope.”

Expect his ‘Spell’ EP, due later in the year.

Sounds like: Gotye, Val Astaire, Ghostly Kisses, Arctic Lake, Arcade Fire, Future Islands

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Evil Astronaut – Seasons

Evil Astronaut

Swedish duo, Evil Astronaut, share the multicoloured video for ‘Seasons’.

It’s a little more electronic than their last single, ‘Orbit Berlin’, which fits more into the Bon Iver spectrum of things, but perhaps Evil Astronaut didn’t really know what direction ‘Seasons’ would take because at the time of filming the video in an empty reservoir, all that existed was lyrics and a vague idea of a sound.

It wasn’t until they saw the colours and reflections in the first cut, that they decided to change the song to fit the new vibe.

Sounds like: Yoke Lore, MGMT, Gotye, Bon Iver

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