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VHS Collection – The Longest Drive

VHS Collection

VHS Collection

NYC-based, electronic synth-rock band, VHS Collection, share new track called ‘The Longest Drive’.

It’s a favourite of theirs to play at live shows, and it’s not surprising as this one apparently makes the crowd go nuts!

The band say ‘The Longest Drive’ is “about never wanting to grow up and about how people like to fake different levels of maturity.”

Listen below and book one of their shows asap.

Sounds like: The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Savoir Adore, Bloc Party, Brandon Flowers, Future Islands, The Bravery

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Over Sands – Memory House

Over Sands

Over Sands

Over Sands are a London-based sibling duo, who share ‘Memory House’; the first track taken from their sophomore EP, ‘Roman Rooms’.

The song was conceived into their East London studio, where the duo projected photos and textures on the wall to inspire ideas, and recorded mainly at night.

Strung out guitar riffs, night time recordings within long reverberating corridors make the track a nostalgic, and reflective number that considers how the collection of memories makes up our present, and how the unreliability of memory distorts the view when revisiting the past.

Over Sands’ sophomore EP will be released on 19 August.

Sounds like: Tuska, Tame Impala, Arcade Fire, Future Islands, Editors, Tanlines

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Playlist: October Drift

October Drift

October Drift

Who needs online fans?

Sticking their middle fingers up to social media, rising four-piece October Drift are causing a stir amongst the gigging scene.

Kiran from October Drift has put together a really great playlist together for us.

Nick Drake – Hazy Jane II

Got this album (Bryter Layter) for a birthday sometime in my early teens. Took me a couple of years to really get into it, I don’t think it was instant enough for me to appreciate its subtleties at the time. Nick Drakes music gets better the more you hear it – which is the right way round, obviously.

The Velvet Underground & Nico – Sunday Morning

Easily one of the most important records of all time in my opinion. And this track is the go to for me. Not sure what it is about it but its so warm and dreamy. I’ve found myself the owner of one of the early editions of the vinyl where Andy Worhols banana peels. Apparently it could be worth some money, although I’ve accidentally ripped it a little trying to peel it!

Bob Dylan – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

Bob Dylan’s songwriting constantly surprises and impresses me with every listen (not ALL of his stuff, I have to say). The intricacy to his story telling from song to song and the imagery and descriptions can blow my mind and make me smile.

Simon and Garfunkel – America

Simon and Garfunkel have such a clarity and innocence in their style and again are instantly recognisable. The imagery and story of this young couple hitchhiking their way across the states is full of hope and optimism and as the song progresses maybe a sense of disillusionment creeps in as they try to ‘Look for America’ – trying to chase a false American dream perhaps.

Neil Young – Down By the River

Neil Young – Also extremely nostalgic for me, Neil Young got played a lot in the house while I was growing up. His voice is thin and kind of winey but its really emotive, the same goes for his guitar playing – he’s not the best in the world but he’s got a really distinctive sound and style which is far more important than being technically good. That’s important. His songwriting and melodies seem really natural and not over thought if that makes sense.

David Bowie – Five Years

The opening track to one of my favourite albums by one of the most inspiring, iconic and important artists ever.

Leonard Cohen – Suzanne

Leonard Cohen’s baritone voice and sad songs have without question directly influenced us and many more of our biggest musical influences (Nick Cave, The National to name a few).

The Beach Boys – I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times

A look into the messed up genius head of Brian Wilson. It’s a really sad song, but its got The Beach Boys happy sheen on it. I think there’s something really interesting in that – the juxtaposition of the care free surfer kid image and the troubled reality. I read his autobiography a few years ago, it’s really sad.

Steve Harley – That’s My Life In Your Hands

I heard this song for the first time in years and years not too long ago and it really took me back to my childhood, my dad used to play this album and this song I particularly liked. Really great melodies and an emotive chorus.

Sammy Davis, Jr. – Mr. Bojangles

I really like the story telling of this song. I don’t think it is originally Sammy Davis Jr’s but it fits perfectly with his character. It’s a sad story really of an old alcoholic dancer or entertainer Mr. Bojangles who from within a prison cell tells the story of his life and does a dance. I guess it could be a worry of most performers, be it bands, musicians or whatever that they’ll end up washed up, telling story’s of what they used to be.

Johnny Cash – I Walk the Line

The man in blacks influence on modern rock and pop music is un-chartable. There’s something so sincere and confident about this particular song. His work with Rick Ruben too at the last part of his life is so powerful and cemented that he will never be forgotten.

Syd Barrett – Baby Lemonade

I loved Pink Floyd growing up and they certainly have an influence on what we do, although it may not be as direct as other artists. They can be at times a bit too cliche druggie stadium-y but that came much later than Syd. This song is from after he left the band and put out some solo records. His story is very sad, yet has this (false) romantic side – the tortured artist kind of thing. He was very out there and original for the time and at the forefront of psychedelia.

JULY 2016
21st / DERBY, THE VENUE (Radar Love Club Night)


Sounds like: Interpol, The National, Editors, White Lies, Future Islands, Spector

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Matthew And The Atlas – On A Midnight Street

Matthew And The Atlas

Matthew And The Atlas

Matthew And The Atlas share the brilliant video for ‘On A Midnight Street’.

The track’s highly topical lyrics stem from Matt Hegarty’s fears about climate change, especially poignant to him as a new father worried about the world his daughter will grow up in. Says Hegarty, “The song is an attempt at writing about climate change from the emotional perspective of being a new father. Trying to understand some of the apathy around it, hopefully without sounding too moralistic”.

‘On A Midnight Street’ has been taken from the ‘Temple’ album, out now via Communion Records.

Tour dates

Sun 17th JULY CITADEL FESTIVAL (Victoria Park)
Tue 1st NOV BRIGHTON, The Dome (supporting Bear’s Den)
Wed 2nd NOV BIRMINGHAM, O2 Institute (supporting Bear’s Den)
Thu 3rd NOV GLASGOW, 02 ABC (supporting Bear’s Den)
Fri 4th NOV MANCHESTER, Albert Hall (supporting Bear’s Den)
Sun 6th NOV NORWICH, UEA (supporting Bear’s Den)
Tue 8th NOV LONDON, O2 BRIXTON ACADEMY (supporting Bear’s Den)
Wed 9th NOV BRISTOL, O2 Academy (supporting Bear’s Den)

Sounds like: Future Islands, Arcade Fire, The Killers

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Playlist: POSTAAL



POSTAAL are an electronic duo from Paris, who write raw tunes with poignantly robust vocals.

Their EP is out on 3rd June, and to celebrate it’s release, we asked them to put together a playlist for us.

Inüit – Tomboy
Best new band in France.

Judy – Ouzos
Another best new band in France.

Catchment – DJ’s delight

Apparently we’re from London and Paris. we’re not really though.. we’re from Bournemouth and Paris.. these lads are from Bournemouth too and they’re having it.

DJ Koze – XTC

Listened to this track because we thought it was about the band XTC.. turns out its about hard drugs and Meditation.

The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin Beats

Been listening to this loads recently.. thinking of sampling the drums, but turns out its already samples though, so we’ll probably just sample the original.

Jelani Blackman – Sharp Shooter

Fucking tune.

Tour Dates
5/20: The Great Escape – UK
5/28: Lost Village Festival- Lincolnshire, UK
5/29: Liverpool Sound City-Liverpool, UK
6/4: Curiosities Festival- Toulouse, FR
7/3: Grand Parquet de Fontainebleau, FR
7/15: Out Of The Woods Festival- Weisen, AU
7/16: Positives Festival- Salacgriva, Latvia
7/22: Secret Garden Party- UK
7/30: Leopallooza- Cornwall, UK
8/18: Pstereo Festival- Norway, DK

Sounds like: Rationale, Seinabo Sey, Future Islands, Disclosure

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Interview: Twin Wave

Twin Wave

Twin Wave

We hate to admit this, but despite their awesome, dream rock sound, we’ve only just heard of Brooklyn trio, Twin Wave.

With this in mind, we were at liberty to find out more from vocalist, Nick Williams…

Twin Wave is a band that has been about for some time, but this is the first time we’ve heard your music. Talk us through the members of the band, how you all met and came to form Twin Wave as it stands today.

We first started playing together in 2013 after myself (Nick Williams, vocalist) and Maxx Berkowitz (guitarist) met as neighbors living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn in 2012. We quickly became friends and found a mutual interest in music and eventually became roommates in Williamsburg. From there, we linked with Sarik Kumar (guitarist) who was living in Greenpoint, and helped form what would became Twin Wave.

Describe your sound in three words.

Dreamy, sleek, retro-inspired.

You new single, ‘Matador’, is inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s ‘The Sun Also Rises’. How did that title come about?

I was first drawn to Hemingway’s works, and that specific novel, while living abroad in Paris in 2008. The passages about bullfighting as an art form rather than a sport always stuck out to me and it was the first thing that came into my head when Sarik and Maxx first wrote the guitar riff that begins the track! It sort of wrote itself from there.

Where do you cite your musical influences from?

We are actually a pretty eclectic bunch between the three of us! We have myriad interests in music and genres, but there is a definite underlying commonality which we share — our tastes overlap in The Police, The War on Drugs, Future Islands, and Radiohead!

We love new music at Indietronica. What new music are you listening to?

Lewis Del Mar, MUNA, Sturgill Simpson, Caveman, and Lucius!

Twin Wave will be playing a single release show today at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. ‘Matador’ is the lead single from their forthcoming EP, ‘Pour Out The Dark’ and has been produced by Tommy Eichmann (Alex Winston).

Sounds like: The Levity, Duran Duran

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POSTAAL – Burnin’



POSTAAL are a new Parisian duo, who write and produce poignant and robust music.

Their single ‘Burnin” maybe complex in nature, but it is established within the first few quiet seconds. It also features the lofty vocals of Parisian gospel singer Pascal Toussaint, which add another layer to the already extensive production.

Sounds like: Rationale, Seinabo Sey, Future Islands, Disclosure

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Rationale – The Mire

Rationale - Mire

Rationale – Mire

London singer-writer-producer Rationale has wowed us with the evocative ‘Fuel To The Fire‘, and returns with the fourth and final track of his debut EP of the same title.

‘The Mire’ “is a song about a jilted lover, sinking in a self made swamp of unrelenting regret…”.

His exciting debut EP, ‘Fuel To The Fire’, is released via Best Laid Plans on vinyl. Buy here.

Sounds like: Seinabo Sey, Future Islands, New Order, Tracy Chapman, Rhodes, MAALA

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AaRON – Onassis



Supported by a well-deserved national infatuation and growing international recognition, Paris-based duo AaRON are musically reborn with fearless new track ‘Onassis’.

‘Onassis’ is metaphorical of erasing yourself when you don’t fit into your environment. The video follows a journey from sandy dunes to the crowded sun-kissed streets, to then being submerged under water. The character darts down highways, in front of cars and over bridges; all the while the AaRON’s celestial sounds remain by his side.

It is the second track taken from AaRON‘s upcoming, self produced, third album ‘We Cut The Night’.

Watch the prelude featuring John Malkovich, out in September, and available for pre-order on iTunes via Cinq 7 / Wagram Music.

Sounds like: David Bowie, Future Islands

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Rationale – Fuel To The Fire



Rationale reveals the stunning new video to ‘Fuel To The Fire’, inviting us to witness a more passionate side to his music than previously offered.

The track was written by the Londoner after watching particularly grim news on the television 18 months ago. Rationale explains ‘Fuel To The Fire’ “is a song about power, pressure, frustration & hope.”

The extremely evocative video tells the story, and despite the track being written 18 months ago, the subject matter unfortunately remains timeless.

Prepare to be moved by clicking below.

Sounds like: Seinabo Sey, Future Islands, New Order, Tracy Chapman, Rhodes, MAALA

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