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Said The Sky x FRND – Faded

Said The Sky x FRND - Faded

If any UK-based readers want to know what sound is big in the US right now, this is it – the new one from Said The Sky and FRND called ‘Faded’.

Said The Sky is a classically-trained Berklee graduate, who has a great ear for infectious electronic melodies, whilst FRND is a producer who has a knack of fusing synth and pop elements into catchy sounds.

Listen below.

It’s out now on Seeking Blue.

Sounds like: Owl City, ILLENIUM

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Said The Sky
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FRND – Be Happy

FRND - Be Happy

Slowing it right down this hump day with FRND‘s self-love song, ‘Be Happy’.

Judging by the lyrics of the song, it appears that the two concerned are no longer friends, but it doesn’t stop us digging the overall positive vibes going on in ‘Be Happy’.

Sounds like: PATHS, Taka Perry, Phil Good, TOPANGA

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FRND – Substitute

FRND - Substitute

FRND – Substitute

We still have FRND‘s ‘Friend’ looping around in our heads from five months ago, so we’re pretty happy to have a ‘Substitute’ track to get stuck in there instead.

FRND (pronounced Friend) is a self confessed video game enthused couch dweller by daytime and idiot-savant, sugar-fuelled extrovert by night. A split persona perhaps, but we’re not here to judge.

‘Substitute’ is a lush track with its emo-tinged vocals and smooth production, but don’t expect sympathy if there’s any form of BS involved,

“Substitute is about realizing you’re someone’s option while they are your priority. You know what you feel is real but they refuse to leave their comfort zone and commit to you. In other words, just break up with your bf already.”

The single will be out on Crooked Paintings.

Sounds like: Otis English

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