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Prinze George – Freeze

Prinze George

Prinze George

Taking a year out to work on their creativity, tight-knit trio, Prinze George, are back with the brilliant ‘Freeze’.

Vocalist, Naomi Almquist, has taken a slight turn in the direction of Stevie Nicks on this one, but Kenny Grimm on production/instrumental, and Isabelle De Leon on drums, keep us reminded of the dazzling Prinze George sound that we love here at Indietronica.

It’s the first song taken from their upcoming album, ‘Illiterate Synth Pop’, recorded with Evan Bakke (Prince, Fraea, Soul Asylum).

Sounds like: Stevie Nicks, Birdy, Foxes, Kid Astray, MS MR, Indiana, X Priest X, Years & Years, Chvrches, The Naked and Famous, Pistol Shrimp, Little Boots

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Fraea – Criminal

Fraea by Nick Gallop

Fraea by Nick Gallop

Fraea are an juxtaposing duo comprised of Jessie Daley and Drew Preiner.

Fraea’s name has been stylised on Freyja, the goddess of beauty, love and sex, but also death, war and the underworld. On the one side, their sound fits into the bubblegum pop genre, but on the other, it’s dark electronica.

Regardless of their genre, the music of Fraea has been formed following years and years of scribbling passionate and lonely love songs on notebook pages, and we think that is somewhat bittersweet.

Fraea will play their second ever show on 2 March with POLIÇA at Turf Club in St. Paul, MN.

Their debut EP, ‘Bend Your Bones’ will be out on 29 April.

Sounds like: Paperwhite, Monogem, Shallows, POLIÇA, JATA

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