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Florence Arman – Naked

Florence Arman

Imagine a world in which Billie Eilish had a lovechild with Corrine Bailey Rae, seriously how would that sound? How awesome – the fusion of modern production pop elements, soft vocal tones and jazzy guitars. Well, the wait to find out is over as debut artist Florence Arman arrives with her single, ‘Naked’.

Taken from her forthcoming seven-track EP, ‘Naked’ is the perfect introduction to Florence, meeting her at her most personal, discussing the painful consequences of letting someone into her life at an intimate level. It’s a song about vulnerability, about being hurt, but refusing to let those experiences define you.

Her Billie Eilish-esq, breathy vocal delivery is enchanting, to say the least. Florence Arman has arrived with a sound that can only be described with the use of her name, and this is how the greats are birthed, keep an eye on this one.

Sounds like: Billie Eilish, Corrine Bailey Rae

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