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VRDNYN, Theo Amo – Runaway

VRDNYN, Theo Amo - Runaway

Runaway” is a dazzling collaboration between NYC-based producer VRDNYN and LA-based singer/songwriter Theo Amo, resulting in a nu-disco gem that’s sure to light up dancefloors everywhere.

Theo Amo’s soulful vocals and heartfelt songwriting perfectly complement VRDNYN’s intricate production, blending lush synthesizers, funky guitar riffs, and crisp drums to create an irresistible and dynamic sound. “Runaway” captures the essence of longing for adventure and breaking free from the mundane, with its catchy melodies and infectious disco beats inviting listeners to groove along.

This collaboration is a seamless blend of talent, resulting in a timeless and uplifting track that’s destined to be a hit among disco lovers and music enthusiasts alike. Get ready to hit the dancefloor and let “Runaway” take you on a thrilling musical journey.


Billy Vena – Body Is Love

billy vena body is love

Hailing from galaxies far far away, long lost dancer turned recording, artist Billy Vena lands to share his love of pop culture with the world through music.

The Panama native, now based in Texas, debuted with a series of intoxicating pieces of modern-pop gems, which have been immediately supported by both dsps and tastemakers.

With over 100k followers on Tik Tok and +10M streams on Spotify, he’s certainly a one to watch.

His brand-new single “Body Is Love” marks the beginning of a series of new releases. A timeless piece of retro-tinged pop which shows once again he has all the skills to become your next favorite pop star.

Speaking about the song, he explains: “I was inspired to write Body Is Love to sort of express how beautiful the people in my life are, and how much I wanted them to see themselves as such. In the simplest of forms, it’s me saying, I want you to love you, like I love you.


Lurayana – Dear Tempo

lurayana 'dear tempo'

Lurayana is the moniker of Milan-based Italian producer Ludovica Nazzaro.

She grew up in a family of musicians, surrounded by funk, jazz and the rock of the 70s. She further developed her passion for music thanks to her beloved late aunt, who’s still an inspiration for her.
Lurayana’s project started during Covid lockdown, when she put apart her previous pop demos and started approaching a more experimental sound.

Her debut single ‘Dear Tempo‘ is the result of her complete artistic freedom. Hypnotic electro sounds make the pair with drum and bass textures and a touch of edm. An intense and trippy background which perfectly encapsulated Lurayana’s silky, sampled vocals.

Speaking about the song, she explains: “This song and my project represent a new beginning. For the first time, I finally started understanding and truly loving myself for who I am, and what I am. I made the decision to distance myself from the standard pop format, in favor of a songwriting style, based off of a few selected sampled words. In the past I was almost obsessed with lyrics and their meaning, to the point it had almost become a paranoia, which was hurting my creativity. There’s room now, it’s liberating. It’s a different way for me to express myself, I’m vulnerable, but it’s sincere“.

She adds: ”’Dear Tempo’ was born during a studio session with a dear friend of mine from Avellino, gima. We were here, in my new city Milan, after quite some time spent experimenting with sounds and melodies. Then the guitar line arrived and the song started to take form. I felt the need to leave room for production, to make my voice a sample, distorted but clear at times, just like I often feel lately. I thank gima for being able to see and understand what I would like to be through my music. This song is a liberating anthem from any emotional chain. It feels so good to see how the strangest thoughts manage to take shape and birth in a song.

Dear Tempo‘ is the first single off of Lurayana’s debut EP, which will be released later this year.


Tara Carosielli x JNTHN STEIN – ‘Cry Baby’

tara carosielli 'cry baby'

Fresh of her collaboration with Coco & Breezy for their hit ‘Just Say’, UK songstress Tara Carosielli has just released her first solo effort after a long hiatus: a dark-pop banger titled ‘Cry Baby‘.

Some years ago, Tara captured the attention of all the most important tastemakers, who heavily praised her EP ‘I Know You Hate Me‘.

At the peak of the hype, rather than pursuing success at all cost, she chose to take a break, work on herself, to experience life and grow, both as a person and a musician.

About the reasons surrounding her break, she explains: “Music has always been near and dear to me… but so has living. In order to be able to write my songs, I have to live. The hiatus was completely necessary, now I have all the fuel to write about my experiences in a raw and honest way, I’m juiced up. I’m writing now in a way that I wasn’t open to a few years back, it’s been liberating to open up parts of myself that I never have before.”.

She adds: “I Know You Hate Me was such an honest project, and I never want to write something that isn’t completely me… Sometimes it takes a while to come back to yourself. I’m excited for the world to hear more about me and my stories in my own words.

Cry Baby‘, produced by LA producer JNTHN STEIN, represents Tara Carosielli’s first solo comeback and the first taste of a series of releases she will drop later this year.

Speaking about it, she said: “‘Cry Baby’ is written about somebody who I met and was completely in awe of… somebody who only reciprocated that same energy if we were in the same room. I had to train myself to be less soft with him, and so I wrote this song when I was fed up. It was the first step in taking my power and my adoration back.”


Mayn – Please Don’t Say You’re With Somebody (ft. Caroline Byrne)

mayn ft. caroline byrne

Rising producer Mayn (Charlie Maynard) has teamed up with rising songstress Caroline Byrne (who’s recent collaborators include Diplo and LP Giobbi) for his brand-new single ‘Please Don’t Say You’re With Somebody‘.

From opposite coasts, Maynard (L.A) and Caroline (NY) met remotely in the middle of the pandemic through mutual friends. Maynard’s background in electronic production and Caroline’s roots in soul and R&B were a perfect match for two collaborators in search of a vital creative escape.

Please Don’t Say You’re With Somebody‘ is a song about lost connection. A glossy, nocturnal electro-pop banger full of fluorescent synths and hypnotic vocals.

“I connect with music that invites escape—songs that paint a picture of a place not yet explored, one that provides a retreat from reality. My hope is to share some of the worlds I’ve discovered with my own music to offer the same sense of departure and exploration for others.” – Mayn

HĒIR – Vertigo


London based, singer/songwriter and style-icon Patricia Manfield – aka HĒIR has just dropped a new single titled ‘Vertigo‘.

Hypnotic vocals, experimental textures and a massive dose of pop appeal, make of the song a must listen.

Speaking about it, she explains: “The difficulty in maintaining balance and the fear of letting go. The song symbolizes the transformation we experience as soon as we leave a relationship behind, when we feel lost yet attracted to a new beginning and the unknown. The sample within the song is meant to simulate a video game, where you fall and get back up until you pass onto the next level. “Vertigo” is the jump to the new level.

An outstanding music video accompanies the track, with ultra cool visuals shot at the most beautiful metro station in Europe: Metro Toledo (Napoli).

Sounds like: Tove Lo, Tove Styrke, Lorde, Banks

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Billy Vena – Retro Religion

billy vena retro religion

Rising hitmaker Billy Vena has just dropped a scintillating brand-new single titled ‘Retro Religion‘.

A synth-pop banger, full of nostalgic textures and ultra sticky melodies.

Speaking about it, he explains: “‘Retro Religion” is about how no matter the amount of devotion I could possibly have for someone, it was never going to be enough for them to love me in the same way or in general.

The Panama native (now based in Converse – Texas) has spent the last few months showing his dance skills on Tik Tok (where he has now amassed +70k followers and duetted with Lil Nas X on the rapper’s own page). His fanbase is constantly growing and he’s now at +300k monthly listeners on Spotify only. Keep an eye on him !

Sounds like: Michael Jackson, The Weeknd,

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Billy Vena – Romantic Logic

billy vena romantic logic

Rising pop star Billy Vena is back with another absolute pop banger titled ‘Romantic Logic‘.

The Panama native, now based in Converse – Texas, who has spent the last few months showing his dance skills on Tik Tok (where he has now amassed +58k followers and duetted with Lil Nas X on the rapper’s own page), is offering us a 80s tinged bop fans of early Michael Jackson will love 100%.

Catchy, fresh, immediate. The perfect pop song for starting the week-end.

Speaking about the track, he said: “The clues lead to love, but love leads to someone else they’re alittle more content with. I wrote this song about understanding what it takes to be in a healthy relationship, and not understanding why you aren’t in one with the love of your life“.

As part of the release, Billy is auctioning off a 1 of 1 NFT of ‘Romantic Logic,’ giving the NFT owner a 10% royalty share on all master recording income after deduction of expenses.

The auction can be found on Open Sea here.

Sounds like: Michael Jackson, Pharell Williams, Justin Timberlake

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HÅN – Leave Me!

HÅN Leave Me !

Italian singer/songwriter HÅN has just released a new single.

Titled ‘Leave Me!‘, the song will be part of her highly anticipated debut LP – which will be released later this March. It’s a gen Z-pop banger. HÅN pristine voice paints instant melodies, made more interesting by a smart use of experimentalist sound architectures and enriched by some r’n’b-esque texture.

Speaking about it, she says: “‘Leave Me !’ talks about feeling oppressed by a condition and the will of move on and get away from it. Lyrics are ironic and light, but hide a more profound message. It’s like a tender and cutie cartoon character who hides a knife in his pocket.

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Skøien – Breathe

skoien breathe

Swedish singer/songwriter Skøien has just dropped her debut single ‘Breathe‘, just in time for being considered as one of the most promising debut of this 2021.

Modern-pop with, nu-r’n’b aftertaste and a massive dose of scandi catchiness: a fire tune you shouldn’t miss.

Speaking about the song, she explains “I wrote my track ‘Breathe’ in a very sarcastic way, to portray the way I now think of myself in my past relationship. It was a very tumultuous chapter of my life, so getting out of that and writing this song almost gave me a little bit of closure for that relationship. Although it might just be one of my many coping mechanisms, I love to make fun of myself in that situation because I’ve now been able to move past it, with this song I guess.