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Cut Copy – Free Your Mind (Album)

Cut Copy Free Your Mind

Aussie lads Cut Copy release fourth album ‘Free Your Mind’ on Modular Recordings, on 4th November 2013. It is available to purchase here.

Title track ‘Free Your mind’ has an accompanying video which stars Alexander Skarsgard (The East, True Blood, Melancholia) as a deranged cult leader, and can be viewed on Indietronica here, where you can also listen to the rework by Fort Romeau. It was premiered to those who physically attended remote corners of the world, including the Californian desert, a small town in the Australian outback, and a secluded village in Wales. It is a psychedelic synth-driven masterpiece with a ‘Madchester’ feel.

Cut Copy themselves promote how, the album ‘Free Your Mind’ creates a fantasy of the next youth revolution, binding the two epochs without the negative baggage.’ The two epochs refer to the Vietnam War and Thatcherism in the UK – San Francisco 1967 and the UK ’88-’91, the sounds of which can be heard throughout the album. Hedonism, partying, sexuality and freedom are themes which run through the album.

Having formed around 15 years ago, Cut Copy put a considerable amount of effort into their production; as much science as art. Their eclectic sounds emulate from skillful crafts, made out of carefully thought out ideas and instruments ranging from trademark synths, to unusual percussion and saxophones.

The album includes five short ‘filler’ tracks of just a few seconds to a minute of transition, which make the album flow beautifully with a whole completeness, as a marvellously engineered creation of Hacienda, Hippies and Hedonists.

Stream the album in full, below.

Sounds like; Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Du Tonc, Jagwar Ma, Basement Jaxx
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Cut Copy – Free Your Mind


Australian indietronica artists Cut Copy released the title track of their imminent album; ‘Free Your Mind’, a psychedelic synth-driven masterpiece with a disco feel.

The video was directed by Christopher Hill and depicts hunky Swede Alexander Skarsgard (from The East, True Blood, Melancholia), walking around an estate tooking over his cult followers, who are all dressed in tracksuits and behaving strangingly. The leader clearly doesn’t seem happy with his set up, and instead makes an escape, in an attempt to ‘free your mind’.

The ‘Free Your Mind’  remix by Fort Romeau, was unveiled recently too, and is, quite frankly, awesome.

Cut Copy’s fourth studio album, titled ‘Free Your Mind’, will be released 4th November on Modular Records, and is available to pre-order here.

Sounds like; Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Du Tonc
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Photo by Michael Muller

Scenic – Shockwaves


Youthful Perth boys Scenic joined the likes of Aeroplane and fellow Aussies Jagwar Ma on the Future Classic roster in 2011, fitting in like a missing giant disco jigsaw piece.

They were quickly spotted by ‘The Godfather of French Electro’, Joakim, who released their first single ‘This Can’t Be’ on his Tigersushi label out of Paris.

Their fantastic debut EP ‘Another Sky’ was recorded in a studio that the boys set up in a beach house in a small community south of Perth and the songs are simply written about the places they’ve been and the people they’ve met.

Following the release of ‘Another Sky’ with the two original tracks and an insanely good remix from The Magician, Future Classic introduces the lead single and title track from their sophomore EP titled ‘Shockwaves’. The single was released on iTunes on 28 June. The release date of the EP is still being kept under wraps by Future Classic.

The new video of ‘Shockwaves’ is a montage of well-timed scenes from the early 80s and is classic retro, nostalgic, and disco psychedelia.

Sounds like: Phoenix, Jagwar Ma, Cut Copy, Gypsy & The Cat, Du Tonc