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Dipha Barus x CADE – DOWN

dipha barus x cade

Indonesian music star Dipha Barus and singer, songwriter, and producer CADE have come together at the peak of summer to deliver an inspiring new single entitled “Down”.

The song fuses together pop sensibilities with bouncy basslines and soulful R&B-esque lyrics, in a perfectly polished way. The pair create an atmosphere of ease and joy in one fell swoop, through the use of uplifting, soul-soaked melodies that doesn’t confine to one genre, the new collaboration perfectly captures their vision of making music as medicine and doing their best to uplift spirits through our most universal language.

Speaking about it, CADE shares “‘Down’ is a record about simply living in the moment with your significant other and not stressing or over-thinking about what the future might hold. Simple as lemonade. I hope this record can bring smiles and joy to everyone as we experience stressful times around the world with COVID-19.

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Dipha Barus – You Move Me Feat. Monica Karina

Dipha & Monica

Well-regarded Indonesian artist Dipha Barus is giving all the good vibrations in new song ‘You Move Me’ featuring the jovial vocals by Monica Karina.

The groovy AF track fuses together a dynamic blend of world music with everything from Baile, Afro, Soul, R&B to Gospel, and mixed effortlessly with Dipha’s roots of traditional Indonesian instruments.

Speaking about the song, Monica explains,

“In order to be in love and at peace with our surroundings, we should first be in love and at peace with ourselves. That is why “You Move Me” is the anthem we can sing to all those we love, to what we believe in, and most importantly to our very own selves.”

Expect to see Dipha play the main stage at We The Fest in Jakarta.

Sounds like: Goldroom, Le Youth, Theo Kottis

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