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Beta Frontiers – So Cold

Beta Frontiers

Beta Frontiers are a duo from Toronto, Canada, whose latest track ‘So Cold’ is a slushy synth-pop gem, invoking feelings of the end of a brilliant night out, happy and nostalgic in a bustling and alive city. The fazed-out synths, not too dissimilar to the sound of fellow Canadians Trust and Gold & Youth, are tastefully restrained, devoid of overarching banging electro beats and slicing synths, instead making the listener sway slowly in awe, whilst the vocals of Carmen Elle roll over.

Beta Frontiers’ Michael Butler, is a bedroom producer who creates the sound of Beta Frontiers within this home studio. He recently backed the dancy Dionysians Phèdre on tour and has been remixing various artists too.

‘So Cold’ is available for download on via iTunes/Bandcamp now, and the video can be viewed below – beware as it’s NSFW!

Sounds like; Gold & Youth, Trust, Grimes, Austra, IamamIwhoamI
Website / Facebook / Twitter / Buzz Records

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