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RAINDEAR – Diamonds In My Chest


Self-proclaimed desert electro-pop princess RAINDEAR is back with a new single called ‘Diamonds in My Chest’.

The daughter of two jazz musicians, RAINDEAR has been singing and writing since a young age. She also produces her own music, having self-produced her debut album ‘Embers’ in 2016.

The majority of RAINDEAR’s music has a dark undertone (perhaps it is the dark winters in her home town of Malmö?), but we absolutely love this, especially the deeply low falsettos in ‘Diamonds In My Chest’, as she continues to battle gritty topics such as feelings of desperation, destruction and uncomfortable desire.

Sounds like: Little Dragon, Ballet School, Kate Boy, Lykke Li, Phantogram, Santigold, SBTRKT, CSS

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RAINDEAR – Party’s Over



For those of us over 25, this Swedish songstress is here to tell you that the party is definitely not over, despite what her new track might suggest.

Raindear is back with a well-crafted, self-produced, piece of synth pop called ‘Party’s Over’.

Listen below.

Raindear plays Club NME at KOKO on 12 August.

Sounds like: Little Dragon, Ballet School, Kate Boy, Lykke Li, Phantogram, Santigold, SBTRKT, CSS

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Interview: Raindear



Soon to be the name of everyone’s lips, we caught up with Raindear; the musical project of Swedish artist, Rebecca Bergcrantz.

For those of you who don’t know you, tell us a bit more about Raindear and how you got into music.

Raindear is the umbrella term for my musical little universe and it consists of songs written, produced and sung mostly by myself. I got into music when I was born as my parents are both musicians and involved me in their projects right away. However I got in to the electronic scene maybe five years ago when I lived in London.

You’ve previously mentioned that you’re not a huge fan of the Swedish music scene. Tell us more!

It’s not that I don’t respect what’s coming out of here and I’m generalising big time when I talk about it. I just sometimes think there are a lot of predictable pop here, it can be very generic and “inside the box”. BUT there are some exceptions for sure. I love and respect some stuff! Niki and the Dove are always great, among a lot of others.

Describe your sound in three words.

Psychedelic, angelic, apocalyptic.

You are playing London in August. What can fans expect from a Raindear show?

You can expect an intense set with harmonies, beats and heavy bass.

Where do you cite your musical influences from?

I have a lot of world music influences. I’m a huge fan of world music. And I make music by a jazz philosophy.

We love new music at Indietronica. What new music are you listening to?

I don’t listen to anything brand new at the moment but the best advice I have is that everyone should listen to Ott, he’s a demon! He released an album last year and it’s completely insane.

Raindear is offering a free download of her tribute cover to Prince. How lovely!

Sounds like: Little Dragon, Thandi, Ballet School, Kate Boy, Lykke Li, Phantogram, Santigold, SBTRKT, CSS, Grace Lightman

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RAINDEAR – I’m The Ice



Swedish electro pop starlet, Raindear returns after a brief hiatus, with ‘I’m The Ice’.

‘I’m The Ice’ is a track about someone who is frozen, passive and unhappy in a situation.

It’s clear that Raindear was hard at work during her mini break, cooking up a hot storm of dark electro in the midsts of a cold and isolated Swedish winter.

‘I’m the Ice’ has been taken from her forthcoming album, ‘Embers’, which is out on 22nd April and available for pre-order on iTunes.

Sounds like: Little Dragon, WTNSS, Ballet School, Kate Boy, Lykke Li, Phantogram, Santigold, SBTRKT, CSS

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Nova Heart – Lackluster No.



Le Tigre have a huge following, but never quite made it into the mainstream.

Maybe Nova Heart will succeed where Le Tigre fell short.

Nova Heart is the brain child of lead vocalist and former MTV VJ, Helen Feng. Being pushed as the ‘Blondie of China’, we couldn’t resist checking out her new track ‘Lackluster No.’.

The track doesn’t disappoint with its cool bass line and beats, and psychedelic guitar riffs that climax in exploding electronica half way through, not to mention Feng’s luring vocals.

Describing the dance teaser video, Feng says; “A teaser for the upcoming video from Lackluster No This is 4 minutes of improvisation from Beijing based Modern Dance artist Cui Jian. We didn’t do anything just said roll camera and watched mesmerized until I yelled cut. I turned around and the studio was full. That’s how you know you have a great performer, when the show pulls people out of the corners and worlds to become part of something outside of themselves.”

European Tour:

24/07 Grenoble, Festival Cabaret Frappé
28-29/08 Helsinki, Modern Sky Festival

The album is released on 2 October via Caroline International.

Sounds like: Le Tigre, Blondie, CSS

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Go Wolf – Friction

Go Wolf

Go Wolf

Meet indie synth group, Go Wolf.

Go Wolf unintentionally formed at a Belfast poetry night and with two tracks under their belt, they are releasing their latest single, ‘Friction’.

It’s a catchy and upbeat indie track about the tribulations of love.

Listen below:

‘Friction’ is due out on the 10 March via Ooh La La Records. It is the first track taken from Go Wolf’s forthcoming EP under the name ‘Running’, that will feature four brand new tracks.

Sounds like: Alpine, Kid Astray, Dutch Uncles, The Levity, Metronomy, Bastille, Wild Beasts, The 1975, CSS

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Not another Swedish synthpop songstress I hear you scream!

But there is something slightly different and magical about this one. RAINDEAR (aka Rebecca Bergcrantz) is more than another indie electro femme from Scandinavia .

Her new track ‘Veins’ frequently changes tempo and is highly disco in parts. Not your usual ethereal ballad.

She describes the track as being “about that kind of destructive love that you stick with ‘cause you love the rush, but you secretly know it’s bad for you. This is the addictive kind of love you can feel for a lover or for a friend or anything really and it’s of the kind that is almost warlike and comes from a very dark place.”

Have a listen to the WTNSS remix too:

Purchase ‘Veins’ on iTunes here.

Sounds like: Little Dragon, WTNSS, Ballet School, Kate Boy, Lykke Li, Phantogram, Santigold, SBTRKT, CSS

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Wildhart – Stuck In A Second

Wildhart - Stuck In A Second

Wildhart – Stuck In A Second

Not another Swedish band! Well, we can’t help it because they are all so good and Wildhart is a new favourite of ours.

Following on from their Swedish counterparts, Little Dragon, Wildhart’s sound can only be described as energetic pulse beats through an electronic haze of synthesizers.

The single was recorded at Svenska Grammofon Studion by Györguy Barocksai and Henrik Alsér (who has cooperated with Robyn, Kleerup and Alicia Keys).

Sounds like: Little Dragon, Kid Astray, Depeche Mode, Phantogram, Santigold, SBTRKT, CSS, Sirena

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Little Dragon – Paris

little Dragon

Swedish trio Little Dragon received critical with album ‘Ritual Union’ in 2011, and have been working hard on their next full length, having just released the synth-tastic ‘Paris’, as well as recent release ‘Klapp Klapp’, the video for which you can view below.

Little Dragon’s fourth album, ‘Nabuma Rubberband’ will be released on 14th May 2014, and is available to purchase here.

Sounds like; Phantogram, Santigold, SBTRKT, CSS
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Austra – Hurt Me Now

Austra Hurt Me Now

The Olympia album by Canadian alt electro-popper Austra was one of the best things to have come out of 2013. Including genius songs such as ‘Home’, and ‘Forgive Me’. The steady stream of official releases from the album have been accompanied with a variety of colourful, unique, and sometimes disturbing videos, with the latest being ‘Hurt Me Now.’

‘Hurt Me Now’ was directed by M Blash, who directed earlier Austra video ‘Lose It’. It is a creepy, strange video, with a variety of dancers acting bizarrely while the band plays, inside a big white warehouse. The dancers include a green-skinned, horrifying demon girl, who looks like the daughter of Medusa and Old Greg, a range of women in different shapes and sizes, and a hunky topless male motorcyclist riding around. Enjoy!

Sounds like; Poliça, Purity Ring, CSS
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