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Rivet City – Circles

Rivet City

Rivet City

Rivet City are a light-hearted band hailing from the Manchester area, who like to distance themselves from being pigeon-holed into any solid definitions.

Frontman Jake Breeze explained “Circles started as a joke. I bet a good friend that I’d be able to fit the line ‘linear motion’ into a song and get a room of people to sing it. Fast forward six years and we’ve actually been able to achieve that! However that doesn’t mean the song as a whole is a joke.

The lyrics work as both an insight into how I believe the world can be experienced through a surrealist lens; as well as documenting a particular idea I had regarding what the apocalypse may look like. The song’s really about potential, and the potential for a creative mind to sculpt the world into any image that it sees fit; and as a result your physical location doesn’t have to define your reality”.

Live Dates

1st July- Maida Vale (Sheffield)
9th July- Private Party, Mount Snowdon
23rd July- Tramlines
6th August- Party In The Pines
14th August – Kendall

Sounds like: The Island Club

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Lecaudé – Powder Blue



London based Lecaudé (pronounced ‘Le-co-day’) continues to create lyrically-driven electronic soul music with catchy pop melodies.

The evocative ‘Powder Blue’ (taken from his ‘Circles’ EP, co-produced and mixed by Fred Prest), is, according to Lecaudé, “a multi-sensory raising of sex to the pedestal of art. I wanted it to be the sonic version of making your own DIY Yves Klein painting at home.”

Sounds like: Ben Khan, Prince, NZCA Lines, The Night VI, The 1975

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Lecaudé – Circles



Lecaudé is the solo project of London based writer and artist Jack Durtnall, also of LSBV fame.

‘Circles’ is the lead and title track from his debut EP that sees the multi instrumentalist continue to produce sporadic pop hooks alongside some addictive left field music and production.

Lecaudé will be playing Birthdays on 3rd February and his debut EP, ‘Circles’, is due for release in March. It also features a collaboration with The Night VI.

Sounds like: Ben Khan, NZCA Lines, The Night VI, The 1975

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Vök – Waterfall



Icelandic band, Vök, is back with ‘Waterfall’.

Vök is Margrét Rán (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Andri Enoksson (saxophone, synths) and Ólafur Alexander (guitar, bass). Named after the Icelandic word for ‘hole in the ice’, the trio hail from Hafnarfjörður, a town famous for allegedly being home to a large, hidden elvish settlement.

‘Waterfall’ is a bass-heavy, dreamy and melodic track with descriptive vocals.

Put in your headphones and turn the volume up high.

It has been taken from the new ‘Circles EP’.

Sounds like: Björk, Kate Boy, Poliça, Death Rattle, MUNA, The Knife

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