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Emerson Leif x Golden Vessel – Hesitate

Emerson Leif x Golden Vessel

Brisbane-based Emerson Leif shares the beautiful ‘Hesitate’, which was co-written with his good friend (and frequent collaborator) Golden Vessel.

Despite a satisfying life at the time of writing ‘Hesitate’, the notion of an elusive state of unhappiness continue to nag at Emerson,

“I found myself feeling very alone and without purpose. I could not accept that we just exist: eat, sleep, work, repeat. We are sold a kind of ‘happiness’ like it’s something we can work towards but what’s on offer is fleeting, if at all… had many questions about life but the greatest question was one of God. Or better yet, one for God. “Are you there?” Honestly, religion just felt so tired and insular. I wanted something tangible. I wanted to find truth. The idea of searching is perhaps most terrifying, because what if one finds nothing.”

This religious undertone can be found in the vocal and guitar loops that have been manipulated to sound like an organ.

Listen below.

Sounds like: Brolin, The National, Gang of Youths, Bon Iver, Alex Vargas, TENDER, Kanyon, REFS

Emerson Leif
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Golden Vessel
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OKBADLANDS - Tiny Measures

Brisbane-based OKBADLANDS (aka Kate Gurren and Sally Latter) have released their highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Tiny Measures’. It’s a body of work that explores the duo’s thoughts and feelings at the time of writing the EP, as well as a showcase of their instrumental development.

We had a chat with the girls…

Describe your sound in three words.
It goes alright.

You’ve spent a year writing, experimenting and re-inventing your sound. How has your home city of Brisbane helped you with your creativity?
There’s a really good music community in Brisbane. Writing with our Brisbane friends only helps you grow as a musician so we love it.

What was it like working with Golden Vessel and GXNXVS on your debut EP, ‘Tiny Measures’?
Golden Vessel is like our little brother. We loved working with him! He is the King of Brisbane beats. Can’t count the number of days we spent chilling in his studio hanging out and workshopping tracks. GXNXVS is a cool fella too. That writing processes was more sending back of forth of ideas, but it was cool working with such talent.

The EP artwork is really cool. Tell us about it.
A little something something we stumble across by Carla Uriarte. She’s got a lot of cool stuff it’s worth checking out. The part was kind of love at first sight. We think the aesthetic really matches the EP’s sound!

We love new music at Indietronica. What new music are you listening to?
Love me some of Lecrea‘s new album.

Sounds like: Golden Vessel, TENDER

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MTNS – Waves

MTNS - Waves

Brisbane-based trio MTNS release ‘Waves’.

The electronic production reflects the title of the track as the bass lines roll over you like waves in the ocean…or much like positive and negative aspects of life hitting you one at a time.

MTNS say of the track, “‘Waves’ is about how we experience different stages in life, with a specific focus on relationships. It’s based on how love can help us overcome things, and work through the ups and downs we often find ourselves in.”

Expect their ‘Like A Stone’ EP out soon.

Sounds like: Astronomyy, Active Child, SOHN

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Solomon O – Holograms

Solomon O

We are excited to have some Australian music back on our radar. Cue Brisbane-based, and classically trained, former gospel band member, Solomon O.

He has teamed up with friend / session drummer, Brandon Gillies, on his latest track, ‘Holograms’; a vibrant indie number with delicate synth notes and three dimensional drums.

Sounds like: The Temper Trap, The Born Love, Ten Fé

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Golden Vessel – Wave (ft. OKBADLANDS)

Golden Vessel - Wave (ft. OKBADLANDS)

Golden Vessel – Wave (ft. OKBADLANDS)

Australian producer, Golden Vessel (aka Max Byrne) returns with a new track called ‘Wave’, which features the gorgeous female harmonies of Brisbane duo, OKBADLANDS.

Like many of Golden Vessel’s tracks, ‘Wave’ started out as a simple beat he’d created on his laptop. He then added a piano melody throughout before asking Joe Thiang (of MTNS) to lay some drums over the outro of the song. Then it came to working on the vocals & lyrics, and the first people that came to mind were Sally and Kate from OKBADLANDS.

“I’d been working with Sally and Kate over the last few months producing tracks for their debut ep. I really loved working with them, and they are both immensely talented, so I decided to see whether they wanted to collaborate on this track. After a quick creative discussion over some burgers, I got stuck into finishing up the instrumental and OKB had the vocals finished within the week”

Golden Vessel will be releasing his debut ‘Before Sleep’ EP next week, but you can order ‘Wave’ on iTunes now.

Sounds like: Alex Vargas, TENDER, Kanyon

Golden Vessel

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The Cairos – Love Don’t Feel Right

The Cairos

The Cairos

It’s winter over here, but don’t feel cold with this warming pearl from Australian indie pop band, The Cairos.

Recently independent from their label again, and pushing a more pop sound, they have released ‘Love Don’t Feel Right’, which was written, recorded and shared collectively between the band members on a private cloud account.

The video has been directed by Braden Trotter.

Purchase on iTunes.

Sounds like: Phoenix, Summer Heart, Day Wave, Mute Math, Slowdive

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Born Joy Dead – Chains on You

Born Joy Dead

Born Joy Dead

Born Joy Dead is the new project of Brisbane musician Ben Dalton (also the bassist for Hungry Kids of Hungary).

The video for their latest single ‘Chains on You’ features Sigourney Waver, a remote control surfer babe. The video was produced and directed by two fifths of Brisbane beach-pop outfit The John Steel Singers (Luke McDonald & Scott Bromiley) and features the BJD boys admiring Waver’s sick moves as she shreds her way through the standstill waters of her prisons…but a bathtub, or even a pool, is much too small to ever cage the heart of a surfer.

Sounds like: Hungry Kids of Hungary, Death Cab for Cutie, Phoenix, City & Colour, Two Cartoons, Cub Scouts, CHAPPO

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Meredith – Levels



“Australian musician”. That is all we really know about Meredith.

After listening to her two tracks, we’ve come to the conclusion that if you cut Banks in half, she would be the tender, softer part. She is more innocent in respect of her tone and lyrics, but that’s not to say her music isn’t top notch. Just listen to ‘Levels’ and you’ll understand why.

The video explores the often tangled, delicate and fraught dynamic that dictates the course of female friendships. As the pair soundlessly go through the motions of companionship, there’s an instantly-recognisable element of longing for closeness but actively keeping a safe distance. Secretive, ambiguous notes are passed from girl to girl and collected in a delicate crystal jar, representative of the calculated moves we make as we relate to each other on different levels. As Meredith herself puts it, “Ultimately, it’s focusing on all the little things we don’t say to each other”.

Sounds like: Ellie Goulding, Banks, RITUALS, Blooms, VÉRITÉ, Lyon, Ruelle, Frances, Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd, Sohn

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Interview with Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Vancouver Sleep Clinic at The Hope, Brighton

Vancouver Sleep Clinic at The Hope, Brighton

Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the moniker of Tim Bettinson.

Indietronica watched VSC play Brighton the other week and they didn’t fail to impress. We don’t want to harp on about Tim’s age, but you are constantly having to remind yourself that he’s still a teenager, yet he can effortlessly and smoothly amalgamate falsetto vocals with deep and mature lyrics.

We’re not sure how he does it, but we tried to find out…

Tell us a bit about yourself (where you grew up, when you first started singing/songwriting).
I’m from this city called Brisbane in Australia! I’ve been lucky enough to be born to parents who have always had instruments lying around, so getting into music was easy from a young age. I started with drumming and piano, and then a couple of years ago I picked up a guitar for the first time and started putting some high school bands together. I started writing for this project about a year ago in my bedroom.

Sum up VSC’s sound in 3 words.
Cinematic, dynamic, ambient.

Where do you cite your musical influences from?
I actually get inspiration from a wide variety of things. I first fell in love with music via a lot of post-rock (sigur dos, mogwai, this will destroy you etc.), but now i also garner a lot of inspiration from the electronic world (fka twigs, the weeknd, the xx, sohn, james blake). I also have strange obsessions with World music & Celtic instrumentals..

Rumour has it, you wrote ‘Collapse’ during your maths lessons. Where did you find the inspiration for ‘Collapse’, and, more importantly, did you pass maths?
Haha, yep – in the back of my maths books. Collapse is about a dark state of mind that i think everyone goes through when they feel like they can’t reach an expectation or a standard. I aced maths! But i was doing the easy maths so it probably doesn’t really count ;/

VSC is currently on a tour around the UK. How is the tour going?
The tour is amazing! There have definitely been some mixed shows, like you would expect on a first international tour, but the two London shows in particularly were super special! Really excited and thankful to be here.

You were recently in the US. Are you planning on hitting up the US again anytime soon?
I love the US – we will see! Yet to tour there so hoping to make that happen ASAP. Priority now though is putting everything we have into this record.

We love discovering new music at Indietronica. What new music are you listening to at the moment?
You NEED to listen to a kid called Raury. He’s changing the game in the USA. Also really loving ‘The Acid’.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic at The Hope, Brighton

Vancouver Sleep Clinic at The Hope, Brighton

Sounds like: Island Fox, The Kite String Tangle, Broods, Active Child, The Foals, New Navy, The Postal Service, Bon Iver, James Blake, TDeL2

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Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Collapse

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Have a listen to the breathtaking new track ‘Collapse’ from Brisbane-based Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

With a lyrical genius Benjamin Gibbard and Justin Vernon would be proud of and stunning falsetto vocals, it’s hard to believe Tim Bettinson is only 17 and even harder to believe such a beautiful track was written in the back of his maths book only a few months ago.

Have a listen below. You will instantly fall in love.

Sounds like: The Foals, New Navy, The Postal Service, Bon Iver, James Blake, TDeL2

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