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Phantom – Over

Phantom by Ekla Vaacutely

Phantom by Ekla Vaacutely

Meet Finnish electronic duo Phantom.

Fans include The xx, and now Indietronica.

New track ‘Over’ is about the dangers of complacency in your life, which ultimately leads to anxiety which you then cannot escape from.

It was written by Hanna Toivonen whilst waiting for a twisted ankle to recover, it features the duo’s trademark dark and ominous sound. Repetitive synths, samples and echoing percussion provide a backdrop for her clear, powerful voice, with producer and sound engineer Tommi Koskinen’s drum patterns taking on an almost tribal feel as the song builds to an overwhelming crescendo.

It is out now via VILD Recordings.

Sounds like: MAASAI, Sea Change, Bonobo, SOHN

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Tycho – See



Tycho (previously just Scott Hansen and now including a live backing band) is a San Francisco-based producer and designer who’s music has been bubbling away at the surface for some six years or so.

Tycho’s latest track is called ‘Sea’. The magical video is directed by Bradley G Munkowitz and mimics the ambient mood of the track. Both the track and video are full of ethereal chill waves and a kaleidoscope of colours.

His album ‘Awake’ is released via Ghostly International and can be purchased here.

Sounds like: Kygo, Goldroom, Chela, Boards of Canada, Sigur Rós, Brotherun, Bonobo, Gold Panda

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