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Reyn Hartley – Fire In The Trees

reyn hartley fire in the trees

While a certain current of Z gen music seems to glamorize death, rising artist Reyn Hartley takes a different, empowering direction on his latest single Fire in The Trees.

Taking a drastic turn from the sultry and detached viral records he’s known for, this new single infuses 1950’s jazz and modern day rap into a truly unique and vulnerable composition that details Hartley’s journey in surviving a suicide attempt at just 19 years old.

all the pains in the love that we’ll never get.” – he croons, accompanied by a piano and a live orchestra. It’s a haunting, elegant rap ballad with a strong message: stop hurting yourself for someone else’s love.

Reyn is currently working on his debut LP ‘Georgia‘. Georgia is the daughter of one of the most notorious drug lords in American (and international) history, for the privacy of all involved Hartley created the name “Georgia” as a pseudonym. The two met in Texas while attending school before dropping out and have spent what Hartley describes as an incredibly beautiful but toxic five years together.

Sounds like: nobody else

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Saint Nomad – Stay

saint nomad - stay

Alt-pop trio Saint Nomad are back with an anthemic song about empathy and open communication titled Stay.

Co-produced by them together with Daniel James (Hayley Williams), Stay is a pop song with a benevolent mission, calling for unity during a time of conflict. Empowering sing along chorus, colorful synths and thumping beats, smartly combined together by a rising band you should keep on your radar.

‘Stay’ was written as our anthem in response to the division we’re seeing in our culture and in our country,” the band explains. “Seems like people are increasingly being pitted against each other, and we just want to foster love, understanding, and mutual respect. There’s nothing more powerful than truly loving people where they are at. We want people to be honest, express themselves, and still know that we can be family and friends. And we’re going to stay that way.“.

Sounds like: Mew, Nick Mulvey, Handsome Ghost, flor, Lo Moon, Low Island

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Josefine – Goddess Kinda Power + Club House Event

josefine goddess kinda power

In the context of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, singer-songwriter Josefine, today April 7th, hosts this talk in the backdrop of releasing her female empowerment track and social campaign called, ‘Goddess Kinda Power’.

Hosting an array of the greatest female talent and creatives within the music industry, this talk has the purpose of uniting, educating and uplifting women within the music industry and as entrepreneurs. Bringing attention to the incredible charity and work carried out by Girls Out Loud and their work in the UK.

Girls Out Loud is a NGO and social enterprise which works with vulnerable teenage girls age 12-16 in the school environment to mentor them in the areas of: confidence, self-belief, emotional resilience and aspirations. Together we hope to serve as a large reminder to the innate internal power within all women.

Uniting in a common and safe space to feel inspired, united and create a sense of sisterhood. Speakers include some of the greatest talent within the music industry from management, industry, events, PR and radio. United on a common mission to inspire and educate all women of all ages in taking that step in dreaming big and taking action.

Here’s the link for joining the event.

josefine club house event

Sounds like: Frances, Aimee, Robyn, Tove Lo, Icona Pop

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Inude – Ballad1

inude ballad1

Inude is the moniker of an al-pop trio born in the South of Italy in 2014 consisting of Giacomo, Flavio and Francesco.

Their latest single ‘Ballad1‘ is an introspective, slow-burning song built upon melancholic arrangements and a liberating chorus. Something fans of early Alt-J will certainly love.

Speaking about the song, they share: “When someone betrays our trust, we automatically feel like we’re the ones who have been wronged. Always the victims, never the offender -and all caught up in our rage, pain, and disappointment, we witness the unrelenting demise of the tiny world we built around ourselves. How hard is it to forgive? How hard is it to take a look in the mirror and see ourselves as the cause of a betrayal, no matter how passive our role might have been? I wanted to go back to a normal life, I wanted to fill every room of a echoing and empty house, to take care of simple everyday tasks, even if it meant to fight with my bare fists for the first time.

About the video, they add: “Objects, trees, house walls too—they all observe what happens around them. They are indifferent and still witnesses, soaking up discussions, fights, moods and energies.
As all things flow, some places become troves of faces, expressions, and situations we might all of a sudden feel trapped into. So much it could push a man to look for his own reflection—until he will have found and recognized himself again, there, present.

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Billy Vena – Rabbit Hole (Love Is What You Make It)

billy vena rabbit hole

Texas based – Panama native rising artist Billy Vena really knows how to craft irresistible pop tunes.

His brand-new single ‘Rabbit Hole (love is what you make it)‘ combines 80s reminiscences with a modern approach, especially lyrics-wise (“queen in my sheets, but king by noon?“). It’s a playful, colorful track enriched by a killer guitar solo curtesy of rising act Nana Lourdes (Fresh Finds / Lorem).

In Billy’s own words: “‘Rabbit Hole’ is about a sexual awakening and how confusing it can be when you realize it’s happening. I wasn’t necessarily writing about my Teenage rejections but my teenage regrets and how the back and forths in my head, kept me in a “what if” scenario till this day. We may never know what the other person truly feels but maybe love is what you make it.

Sounds like: Michael Jackson, Pharell Williams, Justin Timberlake

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Kiskadee – DOWN

kiskadee down

Jack Chown is a producer and composer based in London who has recently worked behind the scenes for artists such as Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Tycho Jones and BIIANCO.

He’s now given birth to his own project: Kiskadee.

Taken from his upcoming ‘UP__DOWN EP‘, debut single ‘DOWN’ is a mesmerizing instrumental piece full of trippy vibes and gorgeous layers of sounds. Fans of Jamie XX and Bonobo shouldn’t miss it !

The project began in early 2020 when I was gearing up for a creative trip to Iceland to collect sounds / visuals for this project. Covid hit and I was forced to rethink, instead reaching out to friends + musicians on social media; asking for them to send in voice-notes that reflected their experiences of lockdown and isolation.

I started flipping these sounds into beats and posted them onto instagram as I went. The instant feedback and back-and-forth from a growing community of fans/collaborators started to shape the sound of the project. After a while I set about cutting, combining and extending these posts into four tracks ready for release: the ‘UP__DOWN EP'” – He explains.

Sounds like: Jamie XX, Bonobo

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Emma Elisabeth – Jellyfish

emma elisabeth jellyfish

Swedish songstress, writer and producer Emma Elisabeth has just released her brand-new EP “Something Borrowed, Something Blue”. Three delicious songs built upon a mix of indie-pop vibes, Americana textures and made unique by her gorgeous vocal.

Jellyfish‘ is the lead single and also our favorite of the lot. As Emma explains about it: “Valentine’s Day is basically the saddest holiday of the year. Until someone asks you on a date and takes you to the aquarium to go look at fish and jellyfish in the middle of the day and then give you a hand made card with paper hearts on it. I wanted to capture this feeling of being like 13 all over again and being all nervous about it. And truth is, the uncertainty is still there, no matter how old you get.

Listen to the whole EP here.

Sounds like: Lana Del Rey, Lucy Rose, Laurel, First Aid Kit, Susanne Sundfør

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Zak Leever – Space For Me

zak leever

Nor-Cal born singer, songwriter and producer Zak Leever has been finding himself through music since the age of five. As a classically trained jazz pianist, the majority of his childhood was spent behind the keyboard, leading to touring with small groups and winning national jazz competitions.

While attending Berklee School of Music, Zak launched an electronic project that earned support from Radio1 BBC, SiriusXM and Apple Music Beats Radio.

Now based in LA, Zak is ramping up for multiple releases in 2021 expanding his distinct sound. The first of them is titled “Space For Me” and it’s a powerful electro-pop cut you shouldn’t miss.

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Han + giungla ctr

We are all going through a difficult time that none of us ever expected. The pandemic has made us more vulnerable, more scared, more alone.
For artists, the impossibility of being able to perform live is probably the aspect that most strongly impacted them.

But music and creativity are too powerful to be stopped !

Italian artists HÅN and GIUNGLA have been able to create a gem while they were spending their lockdown in two different countries (Italy/UK).

Their collaborative single ‘CTR‘ is the result of tonnes of emails, eternal ZOOM sessions and heavy files exchange. It’s an euphoric and original upbeat song, fruit of the collaboration between two of the most talented young women of the newcomers scene.

Detailing the writing process behind the song, they explain: “The track was born last summer at Giungla’s place in Milan when we sat down for a writing session together. Visually videogame characters like Crash and Sonic came to mind and we thought that the idea of a race was perfect for the melody. We imagined a sort of silly competition against frenzy, anxiety, tiredness, what other people think about you, and at the same time the need to keep going and challenge yourself. We finished it remotely between Milan and London (where Hån lives) during this lockdown and it’s also a reflection on what it feels like to be a musician in a year when you can’t really tour. We felt that the only thing that makes sense now it’s collaborating and sharing. We’re in this race together.

Sounds like: Wolf Alice, Be Forest, All Saints, Lilies on Mars

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Julia Church – Cups & Balloons

julia church cups balloons

South-African songwriter-producer Julia Church returns this Autumn with her achingly beautiful new EP. A stunning collection of heartfelt alt-pop songwriting, that cements Julia’s place as one of the hottest prospects in pop right now. The project ebbs and flows from emotive, orchestral-tinged compositions such as the lead single (and our favorite) ‘Cups and Balloons’, to groovy undeniable bops such as ‘don’t really care what we call it’. The project showcases the nuance and endless creativity to Julia’s songwriting, with an impeccable pop sheen throughout.

“Cups and Balloons” is maybe my most special release to date. Written with EEVA, its a more emotional spin on the classic hangover demons of the night before. It’s waking up next to that person who you know isn’t good for you but you just can’t resist. Its about the harmful decisions we can make when we’re vulnerable and in a state of healing.

Listen to the whole EP here:

Sounds like: London Grammar, Emma McGrath, Violet Days, Birdy, GRACEY, Harlequin Gold, Millie Turner, Louise Burns, Tom Odell

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