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All The Rest – Gentleman

all the rest gentleman

Last month, indie-pop duo All The Rest returned after a long break with a summery, guitar-lead jam titled ‘Heat Sweat‘.

It’s now the turn of ‘Gentleman‘, second single off of their upcoming self-titled sophomore EP. A contagious, modern pop banger, fans of LANY shouldn’t miss.

Speaking about their new single, they explained: “‘Gentleman’ felt very left field for us at first. But we knew we needed something up beat and not too serious. As soon as we wrote the hook line we all kind of looked at each other and went “yoooooo!”. The lyrics are definitely a little cocky but who cares. It’s fun to be cocky sometimes.“.

Sounds like: LANY, joan., The 1975

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Twin Toes – Lost In Playlists

twin toes lost in playlists

Twin Toes is the project of Brussels songwriters Antoine Geluck and Nicolas Mouquet. The story behind their moniker is quiet funny: it all started on a Monday morning, when Antoine invited Nicolas to his home studio in Brussels. By pure coincidence, forty-eight hours earlier and 120 kilometers apart, they had both broken the same index toe on their respective left foot.

Their debut single ‘Lost In Playlists‘ is a playful, alternative jam, made of dreamy textures and eccentric indie-pop moments with a unique songwriting approach: lyrics are, in fact, a puzzle of streaming playlist titles.

Speaking about it, they explain: “Every band wants their songs to be in all the playlists. We did the opposite. We put all the playlists inside our song. We realized that if we put several names of playlists one after the other, we could build sentences and tell a story. It was a hell of a puzzle, but we think we have managed to write a poetic song from something that it is not necessarily at first. “Lost in Playlists” talks about a heartbreak that we would try to forget through music, by getting lost into all those playlists. Going from one emotion to another, from one mood to another … “.

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HÅN x KiLLOWEN – ‘Bicycle’

han killowen bicycle

Rising Italian, London-based songwriter HÅN is almost ready for the release of her highly anticipated, yet-untitled album.

We don’t have a release date for it yet, but today we’re able to listen to the second single off of it: the dreamy, r’n’b tinged gem ‘Bicycle‘.

For the occasion, she has teamed up with another name to watch: West London, songwriter/producer KiLLOWEN.

Speaking about the writing process behind the track, she explains: “This was the first song I wrote when I moved to London last year. I met Owen (who features on the song) in October and we got along right away. At the time I was struggling with just functioning and adapting to the new city, so I used to spend a lot of time visiting art galleries to distract myself. I also started to learn about my mental health, noticing that sometimes I coped with my emotions in a very intense way. This made me feel estranged, but also in awe of those around me who managed to deal with things in a healthy and easy way. I didn’t understand why the things that bothered me were leaving other people unmoved. “Bicycle” is like saying “oh, so that’s how it is supposed to be. I hope to learn from you.” The ending of the song is both an outburst and a relief from this feeling, a heavy bass kicks in and I scream in my very own way (which is quiet) about memories that make me feel safe and that shelter me from that state of mind.“.

ICYMI, listen also to the her previously released single ‘Sonic96‘.

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Ayelle – Still A Boy

ayelle still a boy

Swedish-Iranian, LA-based nu-r’n’b goddess Ayelle is almost ready for the release of her debut LP “VIII“.

The latest single off of it, is titled “Still a Boy” and it’s a haunting soul/r&b ballad about falling out of love with someone who’s not ready to match one’s growth.

Speaking about the song, she says: “It can be incredibly difficult to leave a relationship when the other person doesn’t want to let you go. Whilst writing this I was trying to ease my own guilt around a recent break up, reminding myself of my reasons and the fact that ultimately every person is responsible for their own happiness.

ICYMI, listen also to the her previously released singles: the slow burning jam “Options” and the pop banger “Nights2Long

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All The Rest – Heat Sweat

all the rest heat sweat

Indie pop band All The Rest had became one of the most promising independent acts of the newcomers scene. With a long series of pop bangers, the project gained attention from both tastemakers and dsps. Then 2020 arrived and the band announced an indefinite hiatus.

Frontmen/singers Caleb Smith and Baylee Waller, at the beginning of 2021, realized All The Rest were still alive.

Today we’re finally able to listen to their brand-new single titled ‘Heat Sweat‘, the first song off of their upcoming self-titled sophomore EP, which will be released later this year.

Speaking about their new formation and the comeback single, they explained: “We are incredibly excited to release ‘Heat Sweat’ as our first single in over a year. As for most, 2020 brought it’s fair share of challenges for us as both individuals and a band. Last summer we announced All The Rest would be on an indefinite hiatus. Covid alone may have been enough to kill off a lot of our pier’s bands, but for us it went a little bit deeper than music. None of us were in a great place and there was a lot of internal resentment. Somewhere along the way we let our passions undermine our personal relationships. Then life got crazy. From rehab and recovery, to major breakups and family crises. It was a hell of a year but it was a time we desperately needed to focus on ourselves. Flash forward to 2021, all in a much better place, but still asking ourselves “Are we really done? Is that all we have to say?”. For some of us, sadly, its true, but All The Rest still has music to write and a story to tell. We’ve always poured our hearts into our music and we believe this new song is nothing short of that. ‘Heat Sweat’ is a song for anyone who’s ever been stuck in the friend zone. We hope you love it

Sounds like: LANY, joan., The 1975

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Reyn Hartley – Time

reyn hartley 'time'

Fast rising unsigned artist Reyn Hartley goes pop on his latest single ‘Time‘.

Known for his sultry-rasp on rap records, for the first time we hear the Texas native sings all the way through. He croons powerhouse vocals over a signature flow and rhythm, carrying his low rasp into massive high belts as he paints a visual that will hit you right in the chest and give you flashbacks of that special someone you lost.

Built upon a classy, Mark Ronson-esque production, this is Hartley’s most accessible song to date. A pop banger you shouldn’t miss.

Speaking about the song, he explains: “When you care for someone it all gets laid out on the table. The record is about that internal panic of meeting and falling for someone that has had a different walk in life than you have. Am I reading this situation right? Are they going to be okay with my background and my past? It’s that paranoia, that fear that comes with the vulnerability of realizing you love someone.

Sounds like: nobody else

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Smokehouse – Too Many

smokehouse too many

Canadian duo Smokehouse is the project of Daniel MacKenzie and Peter Mol, two musicians who were introduced through mutual friends in 2010 at a music festival at which they were both performing.

In a quick-cook instant pop dominated scenario, they carve their own path and take time to sculpt the songs exactly how they want them. Their ability to experiment musically without limits is due to the two separate studios in Edmonton & Nashville, that boast an impressive array of both vintage and modern recording equipment. Producing, engineering, and performing everything themselves, their unique process keeps everything in-house and gives them total creative control.

After the release of their first 2 singles (which both hit #1 on Hype Machine and were listed on Fresh Finds), the damn pandemic slowed down their plans, but they’re finally back on track with ‘Too Many‘, a multi-layered alt-pop song you should immediately add to your playlist.

Speaking about it, they said: “‘Too Many’ was a song that took its time unfolding. Originally it started as a vibe worktape in LA with Jon Joseph. It came back home with us and eventually became the floating psych experience it is now after a couple years of identity crisis, and has become one of our favorite songs we’ve ever worked up.

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Forester – She Said

forester the flood

Forester, the rising LA-duo signed to Kygo’s Palm Tree Records, have just returned with a new single titled ‘She Said‘.

It’s the perfect song for the summer. A dream-pop tinged gem, full of sun kissed textures and waterfalls of jangly guitars.

Speaking about it, they said: “‘She Said’ is a completely new sonic direction for us. It was originally written for a documentary about a surf trip Xander took to the Pacific Northwest. When the documentary fell through, we listened back to the demo and decided to finish it together as a Forester track. It’s a song about living in the spur of the moment and enjoying the simple pleasures the world has to offer.

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LA Parties – Butterflies

la parties butterflies

Singer-songwriter LA Parties has just released his personal reinterpretation of Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Butterflies‘.

Fourth and final single of his Romance era, this version is completely detached from the sound of the original and fits fully into LA Parties’ catalog, made of distorted guitars and indie-rock aesthetics.

Speaking about the song, he explained: “In the summer of 2018 I was living in Los Angeles and interning at Atlantic Records. One day at work, a few people at the desk next to me were playing the video for “High Horse” and obsessing over it. Earlier in the year, my sister had briefly tried to get me into Kacey’s music, but I wasn’t having it. For some reason though, this time I was enthralled. The disco beat and flashy visuals pulled me in. For the rest of the summer, I was bumping “High Horse” all over LA. Sometimes a song has a time and place in your life. For me, “High Horse” is undeniably Los Angeles, summer 2018. It wasn’t until the end of summer, the day I was packing up my apartment to move back east to finish university that I gave all of Golden Hour a listen. I was surprised with how mellow the album was, but I didn’t hate it. I understood that it was a songwriter’s album, but didn’t immediately take to it. Fast forward a few weeks later, and I’m home as summer is beginning to turn to fall. The words just popped into my head “You gimme butterflies”. I was like, “Kristina, is that Kacey Musgraves?” to which she was begrudgingly like “YES”. From that moment on, a long and intense love affair with the entire album began.

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MAYN – Polyphonic

mayn polyphonic

MAYN is the moniker of producer and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Maynard.

He draws inspiration from photography and film to create a dark, textural and emotive electronic music.

His brand-new single ‘Polyphonic‘ is a hypnotic instrumental jam, built upon layers of lush synths, otherworldly samples and relaxing rhythms.

Speaking about the track, he explained: “The past year has been heavy with tension, and so full of change—personal shifts in my own life with those close to me, and massive shifts on global scale. In times when change is so abundant and there are so many voices competing for action, it’s easy to be trapped by fear. Polyphonic is a song about acceptance. It’s about tuning out the noise and moving forward with what matters most to you—even if it’s likely to change you forever. That’s the only way to find your light.

Sounds like: Bonobo

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