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Sunny Smith is an artist that is fondly described as a coastal indie rocker with a sweet and romantic appeal. This new single, ‘Ziggy’, marks a very solid debut single for the newcomer artist.

‘Ziggy’ is a three-minute sunny transportation that delves into an ocean centred journey. It talks of an unwavering present moment and being wholly patient amidst the experience of love. “I see us by the ocean. If you’re anything like me, we’ll take these moments”. Sunny Smith presents a feeling of anaemia within the debut, a unique and somewhat uncomforting feeling of nostalgia and longing for a time that you can’t recognise, or even know.

Described as the most honest songwriting he’s ever done, Sunny Smith fought through a song-writing slump to create his debut. Sunny jumped into the studio with producer Declan Kelly who’s previously worked with Bernard Fanning, Katie Noonan and Kasey Chambers.

“The morning we started on Ziggy, Declan thought we should lay down a guide drum track to create a good foundation for the song. We both loved that take so much we kept it, and the song grew from that point on. The beat doesn’t change for the whole song. It’s just so nice when something unplanned be comes such an integral part of a song.”

Sounds like: Babitha, Seph Cove



Belonging – Think I’m Gunna Fall

New single, ‘Think I’m Gonna Fall’, from Belonging highlights the importance of venues and clubs. At a particularly poignant and critical time for the live music industry, Belonging centres the conversation of his music around venues and clubs as escapism from the struggles of real life.

Sounds like: the xx, Foals, Christine And The Queens, Everything Everything

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Macious – Take My Light Featuring F.A.R

Photo credit: Mark Vyse

‘Take My Light’ is the new single from Manchester-based producer and DJ Macious. The single was inspired by a rainy train journey to Amsterdam, when anxious thoughts around the rise of COVID-19 and what impact it would, or could, have were swirling around Macious’ head.

Sounds like: Little 15, Hi-Tom

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flyckt – Love is Overrated

Photo credit: Mathieu Wothke

In his new video, the Swedish bedroom-pop artist, flyckt, ran around the streets of Stockholm with three new mannequin friends. The moody, dark visuals for ‘Love is Overrated’ depict a need to escape, to run away from the obsession of love. He asks, is love really all it’s made out to be?

Sounds like: Moodshift, Urban Cone, Slide

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Felix Räuber – Scared to be Human

Felix is a German artist that weaves classically leaning sounds into more accessible indie music. ‘Scared to be Human’ is the new single that tackles what it means to be human, and essentially, what it means to be vulnerable. The track builds quickly, with a cinematic explosion that shouts the consistent message, “Scared to be human. Afraid to get hurt.”

Sounds like: Frey, Thomas Farnon


FONN – Good Light In

‘Good Light In’ is a sweetly uplifting electro-pop track from young Devonian artist, FONN. Focusing on a recurrent battle with mental health, this track is brimming with delicately placed synths and soft vocal delivery. Although the lyrical content delves into the dark aspects of mental health, the song’s message of looking to the light ultimately transcends.

Sounds like: James Blake


LO – Blu

LO is a Berlin-based producer that’s released a low-tempo, analogue synth-heavy single named ‘Blu’. ‘Blu’ marks the first release for the artist that features his own vocals. The narrative concludes that love is weird, but break-ups are even weirder.

Sounds like: Glimlip, Cochise



daste. are the Australian trio (with a very pleasing aesthetic) working their way towards their very first album, ‘dusk//dawn’. These are three electronically leaning creatives that kicked off the first year of their career in 2019 with their SOBER single, a song that promises sobriety for a sustainable relationship. Their recent single release, ‘Somebody Like You’, smoothly injects elements of soul and R&B into their already sophisticated soundscape. daste. admit that the enforced isolation (due to the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020) meant they had to create an organic, creative writing space, with little stimulation.

Of the writing process, daste. say, “This song came about shortly after everyone was coming to terms with the severe necessity of isolation. Not being able to leave the house forced us to start writing songs and ideas on our own,  which we could eventually work on together. I immediately felt as if I had writer’s block and decided to try making a beat every day in an attempt to break my creative struggle.”

Sounds like: Parcels, Tora, Two Another, LEISURE

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‘Summer Drug’ is the new single from indie-pop singer, songwriter and producer, Ci Majr. Described as introspective, the track explores the lack of internal emotional resources after an event like a break-up. Ci Majr plays with the need of a mere fling, a summer drug, with the expanse of promises and responsibility. As part of the track’s creation, Ci Majr called upon UK producer Fez and their production abilities. Starting with the (pretty addictive) bassline, the rest followed…

Of the single, Ci Majr says, “Lyrically the inspiration was being in a place where you basically refuse to make yourself romantically vulnerable even though you’ve met a person who has boyfriend/girlfriend potential.”

Sounds like: Hypercolor, Superfeel







Verdance ended 2020 with a sonically impressive debut EP, Rothko. Described as a dance-friendly experience, Verdance ensures his music is relatable to a range of audiences through familiar garage rhythms and driving house beats.

Stand out single, Ritual Two, is a calming, mesmerising electronic injection. With his music, Verdance hopes to engulf listeners into a cinematic world, ultimately inspired by nature. A whole four minutes and thirty seconds long, Ritual Two is a consistent single that’s driven by the comforting plucking of strings that fit perfectly alongside his futuristic soundscape.

Verdance explains, “‘Rothko’ is the beginning: Each track is a mission statement about what I want to explore sonically over the next few years. It has to be music that is powerful, visceral and exciting. It will be music that channels energy from nature, and it will bring people together.”

Sounds like: Bonobo, Four Tet, Tycho

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