Ayelle – Get Away

ayelle - 'get away'

Swedish-Iranian, singer/songwriter Ayelle is back with a new single titled “Get Away” and it’s, once again, a stunner.

A song that speaks to the wanderer’s soul within us all, the one that yearns for freedom and a fresh start.
Produced by Pontus Persson, it combines Ayelle’s signature nu-r’n’b style with a touch of ultra catchy scandipop.

Speaking about her new release, she says: “I wrote ‘Get Away’ from a place of frustration about the repeating patterns in my life and how I can’t ever seem to stay in one place. It actually started out as a letter to the music industry and the way I’d been pouring myself into my work yet feeling like it was never enough, then those feelings merged with that of a recent break up and I realised that I sometimes feel similarly about my romantic relationships as I have with the music industry – like I’m pouring all of my energy into something or someone until I reach a breaking point and have to step away from it all, or continue forward in a new direction, in search of replenishing my energy and restoring balance to my life.

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