Taehee – Feelings

taehee 'Feelings'

Taehee is a singer/songwriter based in New York City and Seoul.

She started singing on stages when she was 5. After her college graduation and a bunch of different jobs and companies, she slowly realized she wouldn’t be happy without making music.

She’s now ready to unveil to the world her music project and she’s just released her debut single titled “Feelings“. It’s a feel-good modern R&B jam, enriched by intricate Neo Soul textures and topped by a gorgeous, pop production curtesy of veteran producer Matt Anthony.

Speaking about the track and the writing process behind it, Taehee explains: “The song is me telling my crush to stop thinking too much and give into the feelings! It’s really about the times that you know that you like them and the other person also likes you back, but nothing is happening.

It originally started as a sad crush song, saying “I wish I was somebody else, somebody different” but then I started producing the track, and the sounds called for a brighter perspective. So I wrote a totally different melody and the lyrics and that became the final song “feelings”.

It then became something else when the bassist James Genus (He plays in SNL, Random Access Memory to name just a few of his acts) joined. I’m so grateful that I could work with such a great musician on my song.