The F16s – Easy Bake Easy Wake

The F16‘s are a notable Indian alt-pop band that have previously been noticed by Rolling Stone as artists to watch. Their smoothly executed new effort ‘Easy Bake Easy Wake’ looks at a surreal and sultry summertime. Their quirky press shots are accompanied by a need to defy the allure of stardom, and the rejection that they feel it brings.

Sounds like: Breakup Shoes

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Harry Edwards – I Hope You Hear

Sweetly sad, Harry Edwards revealed an intimate video for new single, ‘I Hope You Hear’. The deeply poetic single is accompanied by intimate snapshots showing memories of a close relationship. Arguably, the most mundane moments like this, are the most important.

Sounds like: SOHN


Emilia Tarrant – September

Emilia Tarrant‘s ‘September’ is a powerfully melancholic release that is said to be Emilia’s favourite release from her Honeymoon Phase EP. Written in September last year, Emilia used the time to reflect on 2020. There are clever moments of inspiration from the month in the lyrics, ‘ berries are bitter, the swallows have flown’.

Sounds like: Lilla Vargen, Luz, Violet Skies

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Drex Carter – Idk

An Orlando based rapper and member of seeyousoon have joined for this ‘IDK’ visual. Filmed over the course of four years, the intention of the video is to demonstrate multiple timelines and simulated realities. Altogether, it aims to accept the uncertainty of everyone’s future.

Sounds like: Trick James


Crypto – All The Small Things (ft. updog)

With visuals that can be likened to futurama, Crypto embraces this other-worldly aesthetic, presenting songs and bands that he listened to during his teenage years. Of the latest offering and story of Crypto’s time on earth (as opposed to his alien background), updog says, “Crypto told me that it reminded them of their time on Earth. They followed this by insisting I get back into the vocal booth to record the vocals. Alien abduction is definitely not fun, but at least singing, and recreating, a Blink-182 anthem helps make it a bit more bearable.”f

Sounds like: Airmow


Mulimba – Here I Go

MULIMBA combines soul and indie influences in new track, ‘Here I Go’. Drawing on powerful images of freedom marches, MULIMBA shares, “Here I Go is a tune we wrote during the Black Lives Matter protests in London. It’s weird because I was struggling with my own sense of weakness at the time, and the protests really lifted me up, so the song sort of hits both those nails at the same time. It’s about how we treat each other, and how you treat yourself.”

Sounds like: Run The Jewels, Jacob Banks, Gorillaz

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LOR – Sip

Toronto’s newest singer-songwriter LOR follows her debut single with ‘Sip’. The single is described as an emotional diary entry from LOR. When your emotions are in the hands of another, “it becomes a sick, fun game that you can’t stop playing”. 

Sounds like: Vaults

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Safiyyah – Let You In

Safiyyah has created a song for herself. The lyrics described a certain character that’s reserved at times, but can come to life around the right people. She says that, “being introverted but selectively extroverted, letting someone into my world, leaving motives way too soon.”

Sounds like: RADA

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Murdo Mitchell – Faded

Murdo Mitchell is the bold Glaswegian songwriter behind ‘Faded’. In the track, Murdo talks about a darkness that lies within everyone. “When you spend a lot of time with your own mind everything starts to come up out the woodwork, things from the past that you’ve done wrong, things that of others who have done you wrong and it can bring with it a sort of sinister revenge type of feeling – wanting to get back at life for the fact that you are living.”

Sounds like: Jose Gonzales, Ben Howard, Daughter

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Metteson – Under Your Shirt

Metteson is a pop artist that is following on from his critically acclaimed EP, ‘Convince Me’. With ‘Under Your Shirt’, Metteson confesses that he hasn’t yet experienced what he calls the ‘love of his life’. But, he’s learned to receive love in the first moments of kindness in a relationship

Sounds like: Perfume Genius. Robyn, Shura

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