Maddox Jones – Somewhere There’s A Plan

This Northhampton-based artist has produced a high-octane single, ‘Somewhere There’s A Plan’. Maddox Jones is infectiously positive with his injection of energetic future-pop. It’s a groovy effort that captures joy in uncertainty and pushes you to feel faith in your future.

Sounds like: Bombs Away

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LYR – Winter Solstice (Daniel Avery remix)

This Daniel Avery rework of LYR‘s poignant ‘Winter Solstice’ is expansive and beautiful. It’s a sophisticated injection that continues to highlight the poet laureate’s role in the group. Nearly five minutes long, Avery’s fresh interpretation of this remix nods delightfully to the original.

Sounds like: Special Request

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Tommy Lefroy – Knievel

Tommy Lefroy explode with turbulent times in their new track, ‘Knievel’. They cover heavy expectations you can put on yourself, and the journey that leads to hopeful, easy acceptance. When you feel yourself, are you happy? And how long will that take?

Sounds like:  Lucy Rose, Daughter, Fenne Lilly

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Cameron and the Slumberknights – Old Jacinto

With an easy, delectable beat, Cameron and the Slumberknights inject soulful harmonies and driving, pop-infused lyrics with new single ‘Old Jacinto’. The track imagines and works to create a whole new world. A world or new life that is made with the ruins left of another.

Sounds like:  Loyle Carner

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Gillian Heidi – 3AM

Gillian Heidi explores the uneasy feelings of fear that get mixed up in love. ‘3AM’ comes from Gillian’s debut album. Of the release, Gillian says, “I’ve been building 3AM for almost 2 years now, and I have never been more proud of music I’ve released. To me, the album is all about growing up, falling apart, and coming back together. It is my coming of age story.”

Sounds like:  Taylor Swift

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