Mabes – Radio

Mabes‘ ‘Radio’ single is a sparkling pop gem. Brimming with the spirit of an Essex gal, Mabes has produced a nostalgic single nods to her lifelong obsession with Nashville folklore. Speaking on the new single Mabes states, “I wrote Radio about hearing a song that takes you back years… in this instance it reminds me of a past relationship that I look back on fondly. The lyrics mention how I always skip this song, but I hear it in the back of a taxi and it’s in my head for ages reminding me of that past love.”

Sounds like: Kacey Musgraves, Lana Del Rey, Jade Bird, Lily Allen

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Emilia Tarrant – Here You Are, Again

19-year-old singer-songwriter, Emilia Tarrant, has enjoyed writing songs and playing piano since the young age of 12. She utilises songwriting as a diary, an escape from any stresses faced in everyday life. Her newest single, ‘Here You Are, Again’, presents her trusting, dynamic vocal at the forefront.

Sounds like: Kate Bush

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NEZZY – The Walk

Nezzy has released his first album on his 20th birthday. Filled with aerial pop tracks, our favourite is ‘The Walk’, which showcases Nezzy’s musical journey perfectly. Intentionally scatty and high-octane, the single is an epic effort from the young producer.

Sounds like: Badrapper, Coopex

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Chapter and Verse – After Midnight

Big and bolshy, Chapter and Verse have laid down confrontational single, ‘After Midnight’. Speaking of the track, one of the members says, “Musically, ‘After Midnight’ is one of our more guitar-driven songs. Josh and I had a lot of fun playing with diverse tones and I think that variation keeps it interesting. There’s also some subtle pop production in there which hopefully people will start to hear after repeat listens. But overall it’s a big old rock song and we can’t wait to deafen you with it at a live show!”

Sounds like: DONT BLINK, Fourword

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Billy Fox – It’s A Mess

Australian artist, Billy Fox, plays within the soulful electro/alt-pop space. The newest effort, ‘It’s a Mess’, is a laid-back injection that embraces the chaos in life. Taking things in his stride, Billy wrote the track for the times when you’ve yourself, your footing or your way.

Sounds like: Winston Surfshirt, RY X, Jarryd James

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Lukewarmdaily96 – Peaching

Lukewarmdaily96 is an Irish singer-songwriter behind the quietly touching ‘Peaching’. Originating from Cork, this artist delivers a dreamy escape. Marking his debut release, the single is a reassuring sigh of relief, especially when he poignantly sings, “I’m bruising with you”.

Sounds like: Elliott Smith, James Blake

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Summer Heart – Wash You Off

A quirky dream of what could have been. Summer Heart’s latest single, ‘Wash You Off’, talks honestly of pride and expectation. The Swedish alt-pop track sees the artist attempt to remove an unwanted past, and literally, wash it off.

Sounds like: Brothertiger, Millionyoung