Cyrano – White Wine

Cyrano has delivered a strong debut that circles around fleeting moments with strangers that change everything. The track looks at spontaneous, late-night conversations. Confessing that evenings are his most creative times, Cryano speaks of ‘White Wine’, “there’s something quite alluring about those early hours; the ambience and tranquillity provides a soft focus, away from the modern-day distractions of the world’s routine. I’m forever chasing the hours of night when time becomes elastic and I lose myself in the space of sound.”

Sounds like: Arthur Russell, Frank Ocean 
Annabel Allum – Ordinary Life

Annabel is a grunge-inspired singer-songwriter that’s dropped a lockdown inspired single named, ‘Ordinary Life’. In the release, she talks about her lived experience of social isolation in its everyday. The piece aims to reflect a collective frustration, reflecting a nation’s worth of feeling list and tired.

Sounds like: Beth Ditto, Coach Party, Low Hummer
Tom Williams – Follow The Leader

Tom Williams has focused his new collection of music on both pre and post lockdown life. The first segment, ‘Follow the Leader’, comes alongside a daunting, movie-inspired visual. The defiant story shows a reluctance to follow the pack is also described as an angry swipe as those on top who wrongly believe they know best.

Sounds like: Radiohead, The War Of Drugs, Phoebe Bridgers
Grace May – Angel

Grace May is a Candian singer/songwriter with a distinctive R&B tone. Following her debut ‘Quiet’, ‘Angel’ talks to a previous lover about a better, current partner. In the track, Grace sings, “An angel, I’ve found an angel”. It’s a proud reminder that we deserve happiness, and no one should purposefully get in the way of that.

Sounds like: Lianne Le Havis, H.E.R.
Jimmy Smash – August

Jimmy Smash are the Norwegian duo behind new single, ‘August’. You may also know them for their dreamy bop, ‘Over’. The new track is a funky effort that injects sunny excitement into the day. You can really imagine listening to this one in a middle of a field, in the height of summer fun.

Sounds like: Metronomy, Roosevelt, Washed Out.
BEHARIE – Won’t You Let Me Go

BEHARIE‘s ‘Won’t You Let Me Go’ is a touching piece of work. It’s a rich balladic piece that puts BEHARIE’s vocal (rightfully) at the forefront. As the final track from his upcoming EP, BEHARIE touches upon the pain that comes with the end of a relationship. It’s a stark realisation that you don’t need them to stay, an emotional transition that says you are better off to let them go.

Sounds like: Giddie Gang, Julia Henrikke