Hongza is a British-Vietnamese indie-pop artist that’s been defined by his teenage years in the heart of the 2000’s. His new single ‘Accolades’ brings catchy lyricism, riotous guitar and honest songwriting to the genre. “I hate my self and I blame my friends”. 

In the single, Hongza expresses an endless, debilitating claustrophobia. It’s a detailed deconstruction on the struggles of lockdown living for Hongza. He touches upon the need for human contact, instead of Gen Z’s obsession with empty social media likes and comments.

Being in Lockdown is such a crazy experience, I had so much time that I was spending insane amounts of hours on my phone and making TikTok videos. I got caught in this mess where I thought my self-worth came from how many people commented on my videos & how many people followed me. Which is not true! I guess this is a lockdown to take care of your mental health & this track is a digital wellbeing anthem for me.” – Hongza

Sounds like: Cassia, Larkins, Judas

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