Bonder – Gone in the Wild

There’s something about this new single from Bonander that’s reminiscent of Kate Bush. Perhaps, it’s a sense of wild, guttural freedom. Sometimes described as spellbinding, the new ‘Gone in the Wind’ single is an expressive piece of work that plays a big part in this artist’s feminist revolt.

Sounds like: Sara Parkman, Duvchi

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Vale – All Rise

Vale has created a track brimming with choral synths and his own, softly sweet, vocals. ‘All Rise’ builds slowly, starting with a slow, sensitive strength that leads to a thunderous, explosive representation of loneliness fear and patience. Of the track, Vale says, “loneliness in a time
where the entire planet was, if nothing else, communal in a shared isolation.”

Sounds like: Flume, Christian Cohle

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Tommy Lefroy – Northern Twins

Tommy Lefroy is made of two kindred spirits who bonded over endless days of songwriting obsessions and an innate need to story tell. Their beautifully intimate new single ‘Northern Towns’ holds an undeniable innocence whilst weaving a tale of intimate first love and hazy childhood memories. Their graceful vocals almost blend as one with their tight-knit harmonies softly riding over rising guitar riffs and driving percussion.

Sounds like:  Lucy Rose, Daughter, Fenne Lilly

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Gillian – Burnout

Gillian is a 16-year-old singer/songwriter based in Boston who focuses on topics of addiction, loneliness and relationship dissolution. Her first release of the year has come in the form of the piano-centric single ‘Burnout’. The track boasts her soulful, emotively stirring vocals, and insightful lyrics that show a doubtful scepticism in the young artist.

Sounds like:  Aprilann, Sloane


Luin Mei – Yellow

Luan Mei‘s ‘Yellow’ single has been injected with lashings of steady electronic elements that build towards a hypnotic, deeply personal release. Tiiva has meticulously layered addictive, staccato vocals with a punchy execution onto contrastly elongated synths. In the single, Luan Mei’s indie-pop vocal lays down vital words surrounding queer love and self-discovery.

Sounds like:  Nouel, Jambo

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Keir – Paranoid

Keir is the Bristolian artist that plays with an alternative, emotive, sometimes rocky, musical landscape. ‘Paranoid’ is the epic new release that sees Keir delve into an unusual anthemic, choral space. With his vocals once again at the forefront, the track explores obsessive paranoia surrounding iconic love.

Sounds like: KLAN, Giant Rooks, Provinz

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