Lola Wild are a London-based duo delivering a uniquely sombre debut, ‘Sand’. This project came together when the pair found commonalities in their obsessions with film noir, the indie scene and a more traditional slant on a musical vision. Lola Wild like to describe their sound as a proud and probable product of ‘beach house hanging out with Tarantino’.

The lead vocals call upon classic elements of pioneering singers like Billie Holiday and Roy Orbison. Dream-like backing vocals ride through all 4.28 minutes of the track, joined by boisterous building guitar.

 “Sand is inspired by themes of Mrs Dalloway, a novel by Virginia Woolf. Leaping between past and present, thoughts of past loves and losses, and reminiscing on what she could have had, now that she is an older woman”.

Sounds like: Warpaint, Chromatics

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