Máni Orrason – I Go Up

Máni Orrason by Yannic Pöpperling

In a 360° side step of musical direction, Icelandic-born, Berlin-based Máni Orrason stuns us with his off-kilter new single, ‘I Go Up’.

The visuals for the bold new single features an angst-fueled Máni in a pink boiler suit, standing on a car that is about to be smashed up to ****. It’s a bombastic anthem full of self-belief.

Riddled with fidgety energy, the track is the first to be revealed from an ambitious project by the enigmatic artist. It follows in the wake of Orrason’s 2019 EP ‘BABY ANGEL’ and preceding the arrival of his new collection ‘BABY ANGEL LOVES YOU’, out this year.

Sounds like: Jesse, SUM41, The 1975

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