Kylie Spence – Walk Away

From a small town in Montana, Kylie Spence is a pop artist with a knack for empathy. Starting at the age of 12, she began writing songs telling stories beyond her youth. Over the next few years she would go on to perform covers and originals at local open mics and coffee shops, realizing her passion to connect with listeners. 

Walk Away, kicks in strongly with Kylie’s tender voice, progressing to a catchy bridge building up to a minimalist yet catchy atmosphere backed up with wonderful vocal-chops out of Kylie’s voice.

In the track, Kylie is repeatedly led on by a boy she strikes a connection with at a party who keeps talking to all the other girls in the room. Tired of the games, Kylie decided to walk away from this toxic stranger, setting the tone for an empowering song. 

Sounds Like: LUME, Eden Farrow, Charlee Remitz

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