Dotter – Creatures Of The Sun

Dotter - Creatures Of The Sun

Dotter – Creatures Of The Sun

Dotter is the project of Swedish animal rights advocate and vegan, Maria Jansson.

Not that Dotter’s personal choices should have an impact on whether you like her music or not, but her loving and Sixties attitude does spill across into her music, which can be described as all-embracing pop.

After collaborating with producers online, she decided to head to Stockholm: not only to study music, but to also to benefit from the potential connections that can be found in a capital city. “I found a guy who wanted to record a demo with me,” she recalls. “And then we fell in love, so I’ve stayed in his studio ever since.”

That connection with producer Dino Medanhodzic also sparked a rich creative partnership as they crafted her breakthrough single ‘My Flower’, her follow-up ‘Dive’ and this summer’s new track ‘Creatures of the Sun’.

Talking of the theme behind ‘Creatures of the Sun’ she explains “It’s interesting to think about all of the coincidences that led to us being here on earth. All of my ancestors before me have led to this moment. It could’ve been totally different. Whether you’re a human or an animal or a flower, every second in life we’re important to the earth. And when we die we go back to the earth.”

Sounds like: Susanne Sundfør, Zella Day, Florence + The Machine, Lana Del Rey, Abba

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