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Rivet City

Rivet City

Rivet City are a light-hearted band hailing from the Manchester area, who like to distance themselves from being pigeon-holed into any solid definitions.

Frontman Jake Breeze explained “Circles started as a joke. I bet a good friend that I’d be able to fit the line ‘linear motion’ into a song and get a room of people to sing it. Fast forward six years and we’ve actually been able to achieve that! However that doesn’t mean the song as a whole is a joke.

The lyrics work as both an insight into how I believe the world can be experienced through a surrealist lens; as well as documenting a particular idea I had regarding what the apocalypse may look like. The song’s really about potential, and the potential for a creative mind to sculpt the world into any image that it sees fit; and as a result your physical location doesn’t have to define your reality”.

Live Dates

1st July- Maida Vale (Sheffield)
9th July- Private Party, Mount Snowdon
23rd July- Tramlines
6th August- Party In The Pines
14th August – Kendall

Sounds like: The Island Club

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